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From the Elbow #19: Crabbe Dribble

In pre-season, Blazers rookie Allen Crabbe is fighting for minutes and finding his way as a pro—all while strapped to a Minnie Mouse backpack.

Allen Crabbe

Allen Crabbe is a pretty laid back dude. It makes sense, considering he was born and raised in Los Angeles, and spent three years playing college basketball in Berkeley—two cities notorious for fostering chilled-out men and women of all types. One of two Blazer rookies who will be on the Opening Night roster for 2013-14, Crabbe’s laid back demeanor was in full effect following ...   More
Tuesday, October 15, 2013 by MIKE ACKER

From the Elbow #18: The (European) Champ Is Here

How Nicolas Batum spent his summer vacation: Helping France win its first EuroBasket Championship.


Instagram has been the best place to catch up on what the Blazers have been up to in these last few weeks before the start of training camp and the launch of the 2013-14 NBA season. Damian Lillard has been hosting a weekly rap battle of sorts. Wesley Matthews has p...   More
Friday, September 27, 2013 by MIKE ACKER

From the Elbow #17: Changing of the Point Guards (Among Other Things)

August was a month of changes for the Blazers—both large and small.


A wise man once said, "The only thing constant is change" (or there abouts, depending on the translation). This age-old truism is no more obvious than in the NBA. With rosters being small, front offices fairly fluid and marketing initiatives shifting on an almost day-to-day basis, the NBA is in an almost constant state of f...   More
Thursday, September 12, 2013 by MIKE ACKER

MusicfestNW 2013: Brian Posehn

Can an alt-comedy fartiste finally grow up—at age 47?

Comedy and Variety
Brian Posehn has been earning a living making people laugh for more than two decades, primarily by telling fart jokes. Recently, though, Posehn has done something he once vowed to avoid: tell jo   More
Wednesday, August 28, 2013 MIKE ACKER

From the Elbow #16: The Magnificent No. 7

The Blazers' newest addition will be wearing a familiar number.

Free agent signings tend to all happen the same way, more or less. With a finite number of free agents available—all of them known entities—rumors begin to fly as soon as the free agency moratorium ends. Names are matched with teams based on wish and speculation, connected national reporters make claims backed by well-placed sources, players take meetings with the teams they’re inter...   More
Tuesday, August 13, 2013 by MIKE ACKER

From the Elbow #15: Welcome Back

Greg Oden is finally returning to the NBA. Portland should wish him well.

best oden

Many Portlanders with a 2007 vintage or older have Greg Oden stories. There was the time the 2007 No. 1 overall pick was spotted, photographed and recorded on video shopping at Haggen in Tualatin. There were sightings of G.O. walking a pair of small dogs in South W...   More
Tuesday, August 6, 2013 by MIKE ACKER

From the Elbow #14: The Dog Days

Summer League is over and basketball is on a break...for now.

summer league

"Basketball Never Stops." This slogan comes courtesy of Nike, and during the lockout summer of 2011 it served the purpose of showing fans of the NBA that basketball could exist without its highest professional league.  Emblazoned on shirts worn by barnstorming professionals that summer, some of whom made a brief visit to the Chiles Center on the University of Portland campu...   More
Wednesday, July 31, 2013 by MIKE ACKER

From The Elbow #13: Growing Gradually

Amid the noise of free agency, the Blazers have quietly improved.


The eyes of the sports world were fixed intently on the NBA as soon as the bell rung on the annual free agency period. The prize catch, Dwight Howard, proved to be just a little more competent with social media than many leading news agencies, and just slightly less annoying than Amanda Bynes, adding a bit of new media theatricality to the over-hyped proceedings. When the dust settled,    More
Friday, July 19, 2013 by MIKE ACKER

From the Elbow #12: To Trade or Not To Trade

The Blazers have a tough choice when it comes to LaMarcus Aldridge.


The NBA offseason acquisition and trade period has officially begun, and that means every team in the league is scrambling to make the biggest splash. The Blazers are no exception, although what the team might choose to do and which players they decide to pursue probably won’t make the boldest headlines. The Blazers are (hopefully) opting out of the Dwight Howard chase tha...   More
Tuesday, July 2, 2013 by MIKE ACKER

From the Elbow #11: A New Trend

For Neil Olshey and the Blazers, not totally blowing Draft Night should be considered a major success.


The Blazers have a history with the NBA Draft, and it’s not the kind of history that needs to be celebrated. With the exception of the wheeling and dealing on draft night back in 2006 that brought Brandon Roy and LaMarcus Aldridge to Portland, the last player to come to the Blazers as a rookie and end up an all-star was Zach Randolph. Even then, by the time Randolph—selected 1...   More
Friday, June 28, 2013 by MIKE ACKER
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