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Doomsday U

Portland State makes a play for the anti-terrorism jackpot.

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Two years to the day after the attacks of Sept. 11, 30 people sat in PSU's multicultural center to hear a State Department official describe how the tragedy had changed government.Although few in ...   More
Wednesday, September 17, 2003 Amy Roe

Dueling Politicos

Guess who's coming to lunch.

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Talk about a happy meal. Though he spent only two hours and 20 minutes in Portland, President Bush walked away $1 million richer--making his luncheon fundraiser a record-setter at more than $7,000 ...   More
Wednesday, August 27, 2003 Amy Roe


A late-night frolic spawns an unconventional scheme to bring a divided city together.

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Early one May morning, after a night of partying in a friend's Council Crest home, Jay Rubin, 21, finally got lucky. He persuaded four friends to bushwhack their way through blackberries down the ...   More
Wednesday, August 20, 2003 Amy Roe

Mouth of the Columbia

Christopher Swain has finished his swim. Now for the hard part.

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When he jumped into the Canadian headwaters of the Columbia River on June 4, 2002, all Christopher Swain really wanted to do was "taste the river." Turns out it's bitter.Two weeks ago, Swain battled e ...   More
Wednesday, July 16, 2003 Amy Roe


Young? Healthy? College-educated? You're so money.

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DONATION FAQ Once or twice a week, Kevin Daniels reclines comfortably--albeit with a needle stuck in his vein--on an ergonomically designed, powder-blue vinyl chaise. Sometimes he flips through th ...   More
Wednesday, June 25, 2003 Amy Roe

Muslims Protest Oregonian

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They cheered. They yelled. They held signs comparing Oregonian reporter Les Zaitz to disgraced New York Times reporter Jayson Blair.About 100 people showed up Thursday to protest The Oregonian's cov ...   More
Wednesday, June 25, 2003 Amy Roe

Pride & Prejudice

Christian groups square off over gay love.

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In the late 1970s, Mike Haley was out--and outspoken. He attended the rainbow-flag-waving Metropolitan Community Church and bristled at the notion that homosexuality isn't genetic. "When I was gay ...   More
Wednesday, June 11, 2003 Amy Roe


Honda pulls into PSU.

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During a recent sunny Thursday lunch hour, balloons bobbed amid the leafy canopy of the South Park Blocks, hot dogs sweated on a grill, and Honda commercials flickered on a video monitor. "It's be ...   More
Wednesday, June 4, 2003 Amy Roe

The Mouse that Died

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Macheezmo Mouse, once one of Portland's best-known fast-food chains, has shut down its last four restaurants, leaving behind a pile of debts, a vat of Boss Sauce, and a mob of unpaid employees.Who ...   More
Wednesday, May 28, 2003 Amy Roe


A Portland artist replaces the guesswork of interracial interaction with ka-ching!

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All her life, white folks have peppered Portland artist damali ayo with questions about her race. Now, she wants them to pay for it.That's the idea behind www.rent-a-negro.com, a website in which ay ...   More
Wednesday, May 21, 2003 Amy Roe
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