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Inbox: Mission Accomplished?

Letters to the Editor
Our Failed War on Drugs The article about Portland police using a snitch who was still involved in criminal activity only highlighted how prohibition of drug use has corrupted everyth   More
Wednesday, September 16, 2015 WW Staff

VIDEO: Ted Wheeler Finds Something Nice to Say About Charlie Hales


Oregon Treasurer Ted Wheeler has spent the week throwing shade at Portland Mayor Charlie Hales.

Wheeler announced Wednesday he’s challenging Hales for mayor in the May 2016 primary.
“It’s not so much Charlie Hales, it’s the issues that I’...   More
Friday, September 11, 2015 by WW Staff

VIDEO: Ted Wheeler Says People Are Sleeping In Cars On His Street


Oregon treasurer and newly-minted Portland mayoral candidate Ted Wheeler sat down with WW’s news staff Tuesday morning to discuss his bid to unseat incumbent Mayor Charlie Hales.

He opened by declaring City Hall had failed to address “a crisis on the streets of this city.” His salvo made clear Wheeler intends to hammer Hales early and often on Portland’s high r...   More
Wednesday, September 9, 2015 by WW Staff

Ted Wheeler is Running for Portland Mayor


State Treasurer Ted Wheeler will announce today that he's challenging incumbent Mayor Charlie Hales in next May’s primary election.
And in an interview with WW on Tuesday, he said his top priorities will include confronting a homelessness "crisis on the streets of our city," restoring public trust in city government and creating additional economic opportunity fo...   More
Wednesday, September 9, 2015 by WW Staff

VIDEO: Ted Wheeler Explains How He’d Fund Street Paving


Few Portland debates have caused Mayor Charlie Hales as much heartburn as the star-crossed campaign he and Commissioner Steve Novick waged last year for a “street fee” to raise $40 million a year for road maintenance and safety projects.

The public was furious. Hale...   More
Wednesday, September 9, 2015 by WW Staff

Welcome To TechfestNW

Your guide to TechfestNW.

Featured Stories
There’s a revolution going on in Portland. For the first time, Portland’s high-tech talent pool this year grew faster than that of both Austin, Texas, and Silicon Valley. Compani   More
Wednesday, August 19, 2015 WW Staff

Spirit in the Sky

How Greenpeace’s high-wire protesters captured the world’s attention—and how Portland gently let them down.

Cover Story
Ruddy Turnstone never found out who called the cops. It was a quarter past 2 in the morning on July 29, and the 30-year-old Greenpeace organizer from South Florida stood 205 feet above the Wil   More
Wednesday, August 5, 2015 WW Staff

Fred Stewart Readies a Challenge to City Commissioner Steve Novick


Commissioner Steve Novick may be the most vulnerable member of Portland City Council in a long time, but he’s yet to see a major candidate willing to challenge him for re-election next year.
Concordia University instructor Nick Caleb    More
Tuesday, July 21, 2015 by WW Staff

Best of Portland Readers' Poll

Best of Portland
Arts and CultureBest Alt-Country Band Winner: Fruition fruitionband.com The cream of the crop in a city filled with string bands, Fruition has been delighting crowds with its blueg   More
Wednesday, July 15, 2015 WW Staff

Oregon State Police Releases Investigation into Kitzhaber Whistleblower Michael Rodgers


The Oregon State Police has released its investigation into the leak of former Gov. John Kitzhaber's emails to WW by whistleblower Michael Rodgers.
The 1,502-page file shows the state police conducted an aggressive and wide-ranging hunt to find out who leaked the emails to WW in February. 
The criminal investigation into the Kitzhaber email leaks bega...   More
Friday, July 10, 2015 by WW Staff
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