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Gluttons for Punishment?

Urge Overkill lets the good times roll, again--but perhaps without the good times.

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Urge Overkill: The band's compulsion-embracing name and swarthy, tongue-in-chic lounge-lothario playacting seemed a self-fulfilling prophecy for its members when drug addiction and bitter infighting t ...   More
Wednesday, April 28, 2004 Dave Clifford


The Willowz let trash-pop bloom once again

Music Stories
A recent USA Today cover story boasts that "kids are listening to their parents. Their parents' music, that is." Looking past the dubious attempt at wit, there is some weight to this statement. Accord ...   More
Wednesday, April 7, 2004 Dave Clifford

The Magic Number

Modey Lemon proves that, in the garage-rock world, three's company.

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Modey Lemon has two strikes against it:1) It plays a form of ever-so-trendy garage blues.2) It was a duo--the new hipster badge of rock minimalism--during its first four years, up until the release of ...   More
Wednesday, January 7, 2004 Dave Clifford


Music Stories
"Hold on," interrupts the gruff-voiced Mark Lanegan in mid-sentence.A blaring ambulance siren momentarily blots out our fuzzy cell phone connection. "It seems like everywhere I go, I find myself near ...   More
Wednesday, December 10, 2003 Dave Clifford

Who's Been Had?

The Walkmen skirt the edges of art rock and garage pop--and do it well.

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The Walkmen walk a tightrope many of their contemporaries won't step near. The quintet has found a way to craft arty and clever highbrow songs that sound as gritty as the streets of their New York ...   More
Wednesday, September 17, 2003 Dave Clifford

Flipping Records Beats Flipping Burgers

Keith Schreiner on how to live off music--without hit records.

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Every musician dreams of becoming rich and famous. But few ever even make enough money to pay off guitar strings and drumsticks, much less eke out a modest living by playing music.Portland songwri ...   More
Wednesday, April 9, 2003 Dave Clifford

What We Do Is SECRET

Get Hustle prefers a little mystery in its post-punk cabaret.

Music Stories
As he hunches over his digital piano keyboard, appropriately dressed like an Old West saloon pianist, Mac Mann's arms jump and drop like a marionette's as his shoulders sway queasily to the rhythm ...   More
Wednesday, November 6, 2002 Dave Clifford


A brutal collection ushers in the real Original Gangsters.

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My knife knows its art so well. First, traitor, I'll slash your face and watch you die. And women fall for men like us."These lyrics seem more like outtakes from a lost Tupac Shakur track than lyr ...   More
Wednesday, October 9, 2002 Dave Clifford
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