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Art Saves Lives! (Sort Of)

Reporting from a world fraught with risk and underfunding, correspondent Steffen Silvis checks in with the year in arts.

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IT'S A MOVEMENT WITHOUT LOCAL PRECEDENT. Concerned theatergoers have begun to pin yellow ribbons to their lapels to honor the four I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change hostages, who have now bee ...   More
Wednesday, December 26, 2001 Steffen Silvis


Ken Kesey was the jester of his own court, a piece of living theater.

Book event habitués have come to expect a dash of circus with their readings since Dave Eggers and the McSweeney's pack began transforming the typical book-plug tour into theater. Yet the c ...   More
Wednesday, November 14, 2001 Steffen Silvis


Sowelu goes into Caryl Churchill's Fen and comes out with a fine production.

The Fens is a flat expanse of land lying between East Anglia and Cambridgeshire in Britain. What was once a vast network of marshes, tidelands and islands (the high and near-dry cathedral city of ...   More
Wednesday, November 14, 2001 Steffen Silvis

Racism Without Spins

Rebecca Gilman's honest assessment of racial problems in America pulls no punches. Even its title alludes to Little Black Sambo.

Rebecca Gilman's Spinning into Butter is one of the bravest plays seen in America in years. It's that rare creature in this country: a play of ideas. In cities that have hosted productions, heated ...   More
Wednesday, October 24, 2001 Steffen Silvis

Lights, Sound

Philip Glass scores two classic films...and scores.

During the filming of Dark Victory's climactic scene, in which character Judith Traherne blindly climbs the stairs to her bedroom to die bravely, Bette Davis stopped, spun around to director Edmun ...   More
Wednesday, October 17, 2001 Steffen Silvis

Come Together

Crush and the Purple Parlor are part of that breed of restaurant that puts community first.

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There are three types of restaurants in our eat-or-be-eaten town. The first is the Filling Station, which includes the sterile Carrows (with its uniform omelettes and spin-racks of coconut lard pi ...   More
Wednesday, September 26, 2001 Steffen Silvis

Rediscovering the Bard

Othello comes alive as contemporary teen drama in O.

Movie Reviews & Stories
As far as theater is concerned, Shakespeare is dead. No longer interested in the meaning of the plays, the work of Shakespeare serves primarily as staged excuses to play Wild West, Civil War or a ...   More
Wednesday, August 29, 2001 Steffen Silvis


A new magazine in Portland takes travel into new territories.

"I can wish the traveller no better fortune," wrote Henry James, "than to stroll forth in the early evening with a large reserve of ignorance as my own." Obviously, James was advocating complete o ...   More
Wednesday, August 29, 2001 Steffen Silvis

Street Zen

Hand 2 Mouth stages the life of Issan Dorsey, the man who went from whore to holiness.

Tommy Dorsey was a self-professed speed-freak drag queen who possessed none of his namesake's musical talent. A lip-sync performance pioneer in the early '50s, he shook down sex-starved loggers in ...   More
Wednesday, August 8, 2001 Steffen Silvis

Portland-on- Rhine

Portland's new streetcar is proving to be another European success story.

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Among Minor White's photographs from the 1930s is a series portraying an old, beautifully ornate city, criss-crossed with empty streets and trainless trolley tracks. The mood is somber, and one im ...   More
Wednesday, July 25, 2001 Steffen Silvis
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