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Snippets from the screenplay of The Hunted that Hollywood doesn't want you to see.

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We all know about The Hunted. Almost two years ago, Hollywood came slumming in the City of Roses and Portland obliged obsequiously. Sure, there were some uncomfortable moments--the bogarting of th ...   More
Wednesday, March 12, 2003 Steffen Silvis

Publish or Perish

Three small publishers add to Portland's literary reputation

Does Portland really have more bookstores per capita than any other American city? The statistics to substantiate this are impossible to locate, and no fewer than four other cities (Seattle; Cambridge ...   More
Wednesday, February 5, 2003 Steffen Silvis


Puppetry of the Penis puts the male organ back on center stage.

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Meet My Penis, by byron beckHaving a Penis Is..., by grant menzies Since Thespis fronted a chorus of phallus wavers at an ancient Greek festival of Dionysus in 534 B.C., the penis has been an integral ...   More
Wednesday, January 29, 2003 Steffen Silvis

Only Connect

A mini-Albee festival hasn't quite achieved its balance.

Two pairs of couples--a middle-aged academic pair and a younger variation of them, an older, retired husband and wife, and a reptilian version of them--have, in the thick of life's storms, each ot ...   More
Wednesday, January 22, 2003 Steffen Silvis

The Art of Tyranny

The three-day ROMP symposium at Reed College reminds us how artists must respond to terror.

Steeped in the holy genocides of Joshua and Deuteronomy, former seminarian Iosif Dzhugashvili managed to marry the fanaticism of his abandoned Christianity with a totalitarian political structure ...   More
Wednesday, January 15, 2003 Steffen Silvis

Year End 2002-- WORDS

We like books in 2002--a reread.

1. Portland's pop star of lit, Chuck Palahniuk, released another bestseller, Lullaby. But there are mumblings in book corners that Palahniuk is in danger of becoming formulaic.2. Portland's grande ...   More
Tuesday, December 31, 2002 Steffen Silvis

Year End 2002-- STAGE

"Someone get this actor a real director," and other highlights.

The calendar for the Stage is anti-Gregorian, as the year begins a bit before September. So here are our "bests" thus far this season.1. Artists' Repertory Theatre's smart production of The Shape of ...   More
Tuesday, December 31, 2002 Steffen Silvis

Cats in a Jam

A new crime novel is a kittenish effort.

Never underestimate the power of National Public Radio. On Saturday, Dec. 14, British writer Nick Smith presented his new book, Milk Treading, on All Things Considered. Within hours of his appeara ...   More
Tuesday, December 24, 2002 Steffen Silvis

Revolt into Style

The magazine Bloody Beautiful and its creator demand a return to smartness.

"Throw your coat on the lion," Doran Wittelsbach instructed me upon entering his home, and so I draped my sodden raincoat across the back of the rather mild-mannered taxidermied lion guarding the ...   More
Wednesday, December 18, 2002 Steffen Silvis


Imago premieres its long-awaited follow-up to Frogz.

Beachball-colored humanoids, monochromatic dervishes by way of Bauhaus and a self-segmenting caterpillar. If it's Portland, this must be Imago.The company that released the ingenious Frogz upon the ...   More
Wednesday, December 4, 2002 Steffen Silvis
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