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Dr. Know: Hollywood-Friendly Bargains

Does the City of Portland receive remuneration from NBC for shooting Grimm here?

Dr. Know
Shooting for the new NBC [TV] series Grimm seems to be everywhere I turn. Does the City of Portland receive remuneration
Wednesday, November 9, 2011 MARTY SMITH

Dr. Know: Bulbs Everlasting?

Dr. Know
Why don’t incandescent light bulbs last forever? —Tom P. Don’t hang on, Tom—nothing lasts forever but the Earth and sky. Still, I suspect you want me to put down the bong and answer your que   More
Wednesday, November 2, 2011 MARTY SMITH

Dr. Know: Grocery Bag Quandry

Dr. Know
Paper or plastic? —Nick G. You’re clearly a wiseass, Nick, but I do admire your brevity. I’ll assume, charitably, that you’re not just flinging linguistic poo at the answer monkey and you re   More
Wednesday, October 26, 2011 MARTY SMITH

Dr. Know: Fair Weather Occupiers?

Dr. Know
What are the Occupy Portland people going to do when it gets really cold? I’m worried they’ll have to give up when the snows come, enabling the movement’s detractors to deride the whole thing    More
Wednesday, October 19, 2011 MARTY SMITH

Dr. Know: Extreme Curbside Composting

Dr. Know
To recoup the increased cost of curbside composting, could I use my green barrel as a toilet? All my human waste is 100 percent organic. I can even mount a toilet seat on top of the green can for e   More
Wednesday, October 12, 2011 MARTY SMITH

Dr. Know: Metro Oil Obfuscation

Dr. Know
Metro accepts used oil for curbside recycling, but they insist that it be in a transparent container, which rules out any motor oil bottle I’ve ever seen. Why can’t we recycle used motor oil in    More
Wednesday, October 5, 2011 MARTY SMITH

Dr. Know: Cut Flower Conundrum

Dr. Know
In honor of Portland’s chrysanthemum season, perhaps you can tell us: Why do some cut flowers/bouquets seem to die immediately? Is there a trick to make them last? —Tina S. I have the same prob   More
Wednesday, September 28, 2011 MARTY SMITH

Dr. Know: Suffering Los Niños

Dr. Know
Last winter, we endured greater-than-usual rainfall because it was a La Niña year. Now I’m hearing that this year will be more of the same. Where’s El Niño when you need him? Aren’t they su   More
Wednesday, September 21, 2011 MARTY SMITH

Dr. Know: When Intimacy and Dietary Philosophy Collide

Dr. Know
With all the vegans in town, I am a little concerned about my oral sex life. Plain and simple question, do vegan chicks swallow? —Dustin C. I gotta say, Dustin, something about your letter gives me    More
Wednesday, September 14, 2011 MARTY SMITH

Dr. Know: The Scarlet Letter

Dr. Know
There’s a red sign with a “U” on Union Jacks. I’ve heard it’s a warning that the building is unsafe to enter if it’s on fire. How do they stay open if they’re unsafe? I love UJs, but I   More
Wednesday, September 7, 2011 MARTY SMITH

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