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Pigeon Palace

Gabe Rucker’s Little Bird both sings and squawks.

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The menu at Little Bird Bistro, the new French restaurant opened in December by Le Pigeon chef Gabe Rucker, takes a page from Larousse Gastronomique, the authoritative encyclopedia of Gallic eating.    More
Wednesday, March 23, 2011 BEN WATERHOUSE

Jack Goes Boating (Artists Rep)

Less creepy; more lovable.

Let’s hear it for likable losers. Not the self-pitying sad sacks and creepy men-children that populate the résumés of Seth Rogen and Paul Giamatti, but the pleasant dope who for some reason   More
Wednesday, March 23, 2011 BEN WATERHOUSE

Artists Rep Announces 2010-2011 Season


Artists Rep announced its 29th season today, and it looks like we're in for some very artistically ambitious productions: Beginning with Yasmina Reza's hit God of Carnage in September, the company will cram in a classic Pinter (No Man's Land) before the obligatory holiday comedy (Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Christmas Carol). 2012 brings an adaptation of John Webster's The Duchess of Malfi  by former Portland playwright Joseph Fisher, Annie Baker's obie-winning acting class drama, Circle Mirror Transformation, the terrific musical Next to Normal and David Mamet's latest, Race. The full press release is after the jump.   More
Friday, March 18, 2011 by BEN WATERHOUSE

Eyesore of the Week: Raise the Roof?

eyesore 3-18-2011 big columns

Let's hear it for crowd-sourcing! This week's eyesore comes from reader Mike Banker, who writes, "It's mostly the blindness to scale that I like about this house and it's columns."Mike's right—those are some Brobdingnagian columns, better suited to holding up a courthouse than the roof of an otherwise fairly attractive bungalow. But I think we shouldn't be too hasty to dismiss the massive suppor...   More
Friday, March 18, 2011 by BEN WATERHOUSE

Stumptown Stages Auditions for Once on This Island

Portland musical theater company Stumptown Stages will hold auditions Thursday and Friday, March 24-25, for Lynn Ahrens and Stephen Flaherty's musical Once on This Island, which Stumptown is co-producing with the excellent Coeur d'Alene Summer Theatre. "We are looking for African-American actors who can sing and move well" says Stumptown director Kirk Mouser. "This collaborative production is a huge opportunity for Portland actors. All roles are paid and housing is provided."The full audition announcement is after the cut.   More
Tuesday, March 15, 2011 by BEN WATERHOUSE

Eyesore of the Week: Phoenix on Foster

Phoenix building foster

This former pharmacy, built in 1922, is actually my favorite building on Southeast Foster Road. I love the elegant curve of the facade and the detailed brickwork on the second story. But for a very long time, since before I first saw it, the storefront has been wrapped in hideous fencing and left to molder. Many of the windows are broken, and the lathe and plaster walls inside appear to be crumbli...   More
Friday, March 11, 2011 by BEN WATERHOUSE

Cheap Eats 2011: Introduction

Om Nom Nom

Food Reviews & Stories
Since January we’ve eaten arancine, banh mi, crêpes, döner kebab, egg sandwiches, fries, gyros, hamburgers, ice cream, jiaozi, kolaches, lamb kebab, mac ’n’ cheese, naan, omelettes, pancakes, quesadillas, ribs, salad rolls, tacos, unagi rolls, veggie burgers, waffles, xiao long bao, yakisoba and za’atar. See what I did there?    More
Wednesday, March 9, 2011 BEN WATERHOUSE

UPDATED: Cuckoo's Nest Lead Injured, Tuesday And Wednesday Performance Canceled

Replacement takes the stage Thursday


P.J. Sosko, the actor playing Randle P. McMurphy in Portland Center Stage's ongoing production of One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, badly injured his knee during Saturday's show. Sosko toughed out through Sunday, on crutches, but tonight's performance has been canceled, and I have heard, but have not yet confirmed, that he will be replaced starting tomorrow evening. It's a damn shame; Sosko is quit...   More
Tuesday, March 8, 2011 by BEN WATERHOUSE

Cheap Eats 2011: Quan Chuc

Food Reviews & Stories
It is very odd, this relatively swank Vietnamese restaurant around the corner from Food4Less, all bamboo plywood, faux temple doors and big orange lamps like bioluminescent jellyfish. It seats 50, b   More
Tuesday, March 8, 2011 BEN WATERHOUSE

Cheap Eats 2011: Ruby Jewel Scoops

Food Reviews & Stories
Lisa Herlinger, creator of the Ruby Jewel ice-cream sandwich, offers way more flavors at this spumoni-toned shop than you’ll find between the cookies at farmers markets and premium grocers across    More
Tuesday, March 8, 2011 BEN WATERHOUSE
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