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Here’s Where the Strings Come In

A survey of jazz guitar from Django to the Portland Jazz Festival.

Music Stories
There’s no official theme for this year’s Portland Jazz Festival. That’s fine: They’re often contrived anyway. Still, the presence of Seattle’s Bill Frisell and Berkeleyite-turned-Brookl   More
Wednesday, February 22, 2012 BRETT CAMPBELL

One More Round of Fertile Ground Reviews

Groovin’ Greenhouse 1
Fertile Ground is best known for its showcases of new theater works, but the festival also nurtures dance in development in its Groovin' Greenhouse series. This year, the innovative Polaris Dance Theater offered its Goose Hollow studio theater space to a dozen presenters over five different shows. Beat Bangerz...   More
Tuesday, January 31, 2012 by BRETT CAMPBELL

Album Review: Bridgetown Sextet

New Old Fashioned (Self-Released)

Music Stories
[THROWBACK JAZZ] The title of this spiffy new CD accurately describes the local retro-jazzers, who bring a relatively youthful exuberance to 15 concise takes on vintage pre-World War II hits by    More
Wednesday, January 4, 2012 BRETT CAMPBELL

Opera Theater Oregon, Opera vs. Cinema

Want to make Wagner fun? Add pirates.

One of the city’s most innovative arts companies enters a new phase Friday, Nov. 25, with The Black Pirate vs. The Flying Dutchman, its first show under new artistic director Erica Melton, who’s b   More
Wednesday, November 23, 2011 BRETT CAMPBELL

Review: Portland Opera, "The Marriage of Figaro"


The brilliance of The Marriage of Figaro lies in its cheery dramatization of serious political conflicts in the guise of a Shakespearean bedroom farce. In Portland Opera's production of Mozart and da Ponte’s proto-feminist classic, when the bed is front and center, cheeky sex comedy hijinks dominate. Suitors skulk in, under a...   More
Monday, November 7, 2011 by BRETT CAMPBELL

Children’s Games (Seth Nehil)

Ling long bling a ling ling!

The program for composer Seth Nehil’s new “sonic cinematic performance” lists 19 sources: “Phylogenetic Thinking in Biology and Historical Linguistics,” “On the Limitations of the Iconog   More
Wednesday, November 2, 2011 BRETT CAMPBELL


Bleeps and bloops aren’t just for boys.

In 1995, Mills College student Heather Perkins was surprised to find herself one of the few women in a graduate electronic-music class. Mills, one of America’s most prominent undergraduate women   More
Wednesday, October 5, 2011 BRETT CAMPBELL

Fall Arts Guide 2011: Bring On the Rain

Dayglo landscapes, feral children, killer choruses and more art to keep you sane this fall.

Cover Story
The day is coming, not long from now, when you will have to go inside.

TBA Diary: The Hidden Life of Bridges

Hidden Life of Bridges, 9/8/11 Hawthorne Bridge, 2011 Time-Based Art Festival

The first big success of this year’s Time-Based Art Festival is Portland sound artist Tim DuRoche and Brooklyn video artist Ed Purver’s bridge project. Over the weekend, the south side of the Morrison Bridge piers boasted video projections inspired by its surprisingly beautiful hidden spaces, along with a slideshow of the faces of the engi...   More
Monday, September 12, 2011 by BRETT CAMPBELL

TBA Diary: Abraham.In.Motion, The Radio Play

abraham.in.motion radio show

New York choreographer Kyle Abraham found a rich concept—African American radio station sounds from the 1970s forward, recalled from his Pittsburgh childhood—and used that music (from quiet storm soul to funk to pop to hip hop, along with some original electronica), talk show banter and even the between-the-stations static as you turn the dial (remember radio dials?) as inspiration for his som...   More
Monday, September 12, 2011 by BRETT CAMPBELL
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