Hotseat: Bad Religion Singer Greg Graffin

The Bad Religion singer explains why Paul McCartney is a nihilist.

Books Greg Graffin has been singing—or yelling—for decades about a lot of the ideas in his new book, Population Wars: A New Perspective on Competition and Coexistence (Thomas Dunne Books, 320 pages, $27 ... More

Sep 23, 2015 12:01 am by CASEY JARMAN

Book Review: Joy Williams, The Visiting Privilege

Not funny ha-ha.

Books It is a mistake to read Joy Williams’ fiction in public, I have learned—especially after a drink. Far too often her stories will catch me unprepared and leave me choking on a sentence in near-meta ... More

Sep 16, 2015 12:01 am by MATTHEW KORFHAGE

Jonathan Franzen Book Club

Books Web editor Lizzy Acker does not hate Jonathan Franzen, but dislikes him. Arts and Culture editor Martin Cizmar does not love Jonathan Franzen, but likes him. Both read his new Big Important Book, Puri ... More

Sep 2, 2015 12:01 am by MARTIN CIZMAR, LIZZY ACKER

Book Review: Jorge Cervantes, The Cannabis Encyclopedia

Weed all about it.

Books Jorge Cervantes is old school. He smokes joints. He wrote a book that’s never going to make it onto Kindle. Cervantes—real name George Van Patten—is the author of The Cannabis ... More

Aug 26, 2015 12:01 am by TYLER HURST

Book Review: Parnaz Foroutan's The Girl From the Garden

“Paradise is a Farsi word.”

Books Eden is rife with thorns in Parnaz Foroutan’s The Girl From the Garden (Ecco, 271 pages, $26.99), a lush debut novel about the pangs and triumphs of an Iranian family. Foroutan is a modern-day Scheh ... More

Aug 19, 2015 12:01 am by ENID SPITZ

William T. Vollmann, The Dying Grass

The Oregon Dream.

Books William T. Vollmann is by far our most important chronicler of American darkness, and he is never far from his subject. To write a novel about transients, he lived homeless in Sacramento. He has hoppe ... More

Aug 12, 2015 12:01 am by MATTHEW KORFHAGE

Rinker Buck, The Oregon Trail

Go west, old man...

Books Rinker Buck is no stranger to flying by the seat of his pants—literally. In the summer of 1966, at age 15, Buck and his older brother Kern, 17, flew their father’s restored Piper Cub from New Jers ... More

Jul 29, 2015 12:01 am by MATT BUCKINGHAM

Katy Simpson Smith, The Story of Land and Sea

Oh, the vapors!

Books Any novelist hailed as “an heir apparent to Michael Ondaatje” by author Paul Yoon and lauded as writing “a luminous debut” by Oprah’s magazine is probably doomed. Nothing can reach a ... More

Aug 5, 2015 12:01 am by ENID SPITZ

Harper Lee's Racist New Book Shouldn't Destroy Your Love for Scout Finch

Books I first saw the movie To Kill a Mockingbird when I was 6 and have loved Scout Finch ever since. As a willful tomboy, she spoke to me like no other character ever had. When I was older and read Harper ... More

Jul 21, 2015 11:24 am by LIZZY ACKER

Ernest Cline, Armada

The Last Geekfighter.

Books Short of being abducted by a benevolent alien race to save the universe from imminent destruction, author Ernest Cline is living every geek’s ultimate fantasy. His best-selling debut novel, vi ... More

Jul 15, 2015 12:01 am by PENELOPE BASS

Poet Carl Adamshick

A self-taught poet learned to write at the public library and in the aisles of Powell’s Books.

Fall Arts Hundreds of thousands of words have been written about love. Letters, books, plays, songs, movies and certainly poems have all been patched into shapes that try to tell us how love feels. Some s ... More

Sep 10, 2014 12:01 am by PENELOPE BASS

Portland Fall Book Picks

Fall Arts James Ellroy James Ellroy’s novels inhabit a nostalgic zone, where women are dames and cops throw back whiskey to take the edge off after a day at a grisly crime scene. His “L.A. Quartet”�� ... More

Sep 10, 2014 12:01 am by PENELOPE BASS

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