To add an event:
2. Click on the gray "+ Add an Event" button in the center of the page.
3. Fill in the venue and date information. 
4. Type in the first few letters of the headliner in the name field and wait to see if an event appears below. If you see an event appear in the drop-down field, it is already in the WW event calendar. If, while typing in the name of the event, the box reads "No events were found," then click "Add new".
5. Continue filling out the form with time, admission and contact information. You may upload an image if you'd like. Click "Next."
6. If you'd like paid promotion of your event, you may select one of the options on this page. Otherwise, select the Basic option and click "Next."
7. Confirm your submission of the event by clicking on "Place Your Order." Note that the Basic event listing is 100% free.

To edit an event:
2. Type the name of the event or performers in the search bar, and click the event when found.
3. Click on the gray "Edit" box.
4. Click on the gray "Edit Event" box. 
5. Type a brief summary of the changes in the box. For example, "Lonnie Johnnie dropped from lineup" or "Event moved to 7 pm".
6. Click on "Send Request."

To promote an event:
2. Type the name of the event or performers in the search bar, and click the event when found.
3. Click on the gray "Edit" box.
4. Select one of the packages described below, and click "Next."
5. Enter your billing information and click on "Place your Order."

If you're having any issues with events, please contact or call 877-377-4646.

As an added measure you may also send your event information to the appropriate department below:

Food & Drink:
Live Music:,
Books & Readings:
Gallery Shows:
Classical Music:

If you are still uncertain where to direct your event email, please email Arts & Culture Editor, Martin Cizmar, at directly and he will make sure your email gets where it needs to go.

We ask that you submit event info two weeks in advance of the event so we can plan coverage. We can't guarantee that your event will be listed in print since we have limited space and there is a wealth of great events around each week, but we do our best to include as many venues as possible.  Submitting your event through the online form, will guarantee it's inclusion in our online calendar.

Please include: event name, short description of what will happen during the event. Time, date and price. All ages or 21+ and a contact phone number, email or website for the public. Please put the name and date of your event in the subject line of your email. That makes it easy for us forward events to the right person here at WW.


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