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October 1st, 2014 WW Culture Staff | Food Reviews & Stories

Hot Plates: Our Favorite Portland Restaurants This Week

hotplates_firesideDUCK, GOOSED: Crispy leg on grilled peaches and greens. - IMAGE: Christopher Onstott

Our Restaurant Guide picks the best restaurants in Portland every October. We hem and haw and fuss to recommend 100 restaurants we think best represent the city.

This is not that list.

Rather, these are five spots we're excited about right now. Maybe that's a taqueria we've loved forever, maybe that's a seafood spot with a special menu this week or a new burger joint we stumbled on Friday night. It's designed to answer that age-old question: Where should we go out to dinner tonight?

1. Fireside (pictured)

801 NW 23rd Ave., 477-9505, pdxfireside.com.

Those familiar with new Fireside chef Jake Martin’s cooking at Genoa, Fenouil and the first incarnation of Central in Old Town will notice a familiar mastery of texture and a penchant for throwing salty, savory flavors in stark relief against the brightness of fresh fruit or greens.

2. St. Jack

1610 NW 23rd Ave., 360-1281, stjackpdx.com.

We’ve grown quite fond of the bouchon’s bar-side-only boudin noir pigs in a blanket, a bloodied-up answer to the Coney dog, and to its perfect frites.

HIGH BAR: (Clockwise from left) The burger, pigs in a blanket and pork rinds.
IMAGE: Jerek Hollender


3. BTU Brasserie

5846 NE Sandy Blvd., 971-407-3429, btupdx.com.

The first brews are just now on tap at Portland’s first Szechuan restaurant and brewery. The food is ready for prime time, especially the spicy Szechuan chicken and the vegetarian-friendly dish of smoky, crispy seitan called “Buddah’s beef.”


4. Kachka

720 SE Grand Ave., 235-0059, kachkapdx.com.

Chef Bonnie Morales won the judge’s choice at the Feast festival’s sandwich invitational with smoked sprats, egg and smetana on brown toast. Look for similar treats on her restaurant’s zakuski menu.

JUST ADD VODKA: The classic Siberian pelmeni (left) and herring under a fur coat.
IMAGE: Anna Jaye Goellner


5. Buki

2880 SE Division St., 206-669-9008, facebook.com/bukipdx.

A Taiwanese family makes Japanese street food—from tea eggs to octopus bits to little fish-shaped cookies—at the Tidbit food-cart pod.

Image courtesy Buki


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