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The Amazing Spider-Man

Peter Parker has come unstuck in time. Only five years ago, our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man was a grown-up who looked a lot like walking homunculus and worked as a photographer. Do we really need to see Pete get bitten again, or see poor Uncle Ben blown away, a mere decade after Sam Raimi ushered in the golden age of comic-book films? Of course not. But then, maybe we do. These are comic-book movies, based on pulp fiction that essentially recycles origin stories whenever a new writer picks up the panels. It’s not about whether we’ve seen it before. It’s about how we’re seeing it now, and through the lens of sophomore director Marc Webb, The Amazing Spider-Man is a pretty kick-ass bucket of popcorn, full of great effects, sly performances and enough original thought that it makes a studio cash grab into a solid piece of pulp. In the slick hands of Andrew Garfield (the emotional crutch of The Social Network), Spider-Man is the most three-dimensional part of the bombastic movie, playing Pete as a smartass archetype: the kid whose love of skateboarding and indie music gets him pummeled in high school, but will totally get him laid in college. While it never soars to the heights of Raimi’s first two films, it manages to be at once exhilarating, hilarious and bold.
  • Genres: Action, Adventure, Thriller
  • Running Time: 136 minutes
  • Release Date: Wednesday, July 4, 2012
  • Country: United States
  • Language: English
  • MPAA Rating: PG-13 [ Sequences of Action & Violence ]
  • Critic's Score: B
  • Starring: Andrew Garfield [Spider-Man/Peter Parker], Emma Stone [Gwen Stacy], Rhys Ifans [The Lizard/Dr. Curt Connors], Denis Leary [Capt. Stacy], Campbell Scott [Richard Parker], Irrfan Khan [Rajit Ratha], Martin Sheen [Uncle Ben], Sally Field [Aunt May], Embeth Davidtz [Mary Parker], Chris Zylka [Flash Thompson], Max Charles [Peter Parker Age 4], C. Howell [Jack's Father], Jake Keiffer [Jack], Kari Coleman [Helen Stacy]
  • Directed by: Marc Webb [Director], James Vanderbilt [Screenwriter], Alvin Sargent [Screenwriter], Steve Kloves [Screenwriter], Laura Ziskin [Producer], Avi Arad [Producer], Matt Tolmach [Producer], Stan Lee [Executive Producer], Kevin Feige [Executive Producer], Michael Grillo [Executive Producer], John Schwartzman [Cinematographer], J. Riva [Production Design], Alan Bell [Film Editor], Pietro Scalia [Film Editor], Kym Barrett [Costume Designer], James Horner [Original Music], Francine Maisler [Casting], David Klassen [Supervising Art Direction], N.C. Buckner [Art Director], Michael Goldman [Art Director], Paul Sonski [Art Director], Suzan Wexler [Art Director], Leslie Pope [Set Decoration]
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