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Better Than Something: Jay Reatard


[ONE WEEK ONLY] Fans of Jay Reatard: You will see this documentary no matter what I say, because you know as well as I do the man born Jimmie Lee Lindsey Jr. was a heartbreaking jerk of staggering genius responsible for creating the most vital rock-’n’-roll music of this young century, and even a middling bit of opportunistic hagiography would scratch your nagging itch for more Jay and therefore be essential. But I am pleased to inform you that Better Than Something forgoes hack idolatry in favor of a thoughtful portrait of an undeniably talented man who seemed to funnel every good part of his being into making great art before dying at the ridiculous age of 29. You will fall in love all over again. Newcomers to the life and work Jay Reatard: I implore you to see Better Than Something so that you might groove to the raw and vicious work of a master songwriter who passed away at the top of his game after devoting 15 years to furious production and prickly behavior. Interviews with friends, family and the man himself shed light on a cursed dude who couldn’t help living in the red, for better and worse. You will fall in love.


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Clinton Street Theater. 7 and 9 pm Friday-Thursday, March 2-8.
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  • Release Date: Monday, February 27, 2012
  • Critic's Score: 80
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