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The Hunger Games

A few assurances for anxious Hunger Games book fans: Actress Jennifer Lawrence doesn’t ruin bow-wielding heroine Katniss. Death still comes by genetically engineered dog, spear and swarm of hallucination-inducing bees. There is no way in hell anybody will mistake your beloved young-adult “girl battles dystopian regime” series for Twilight. In fact, director Gary Ross’ movie version of The Hunger Games is more than a big-screen cash grab. It’s a tense drama with bursts of raw emotion and unsettling (if mostly unseen) violence. In other words: It’s a good movie all by itself. In an era where YA books are often boiled down beyond recognition for film treatment, The Hunger Games is a vivid KO that stays mostly true to great source material. It’s like The Running Man…but with high-schoolers killing each other with bricks and swords in the woods. Although the film hinges on Katniss, Games’ secret weapon is its costume and makeup team. Taking a cue from to the book’s use of fashion as shorthand for greed and social decay, the film doesn’t waste time explaining economic schisms. A glance at District 12’s ragged calico frocks and the Capitol nincompoops’ lollipop-hued coifs and elaborately carved facial hair says it all. Never before has the color hot pink been used to convey such epic douchebaggery.
  • Genres: Action, Science fiction
  • Release Date: Friday, March 23, 2012
  • Country: United States
  • Language: English
  • Critic's Score: A
  • Starring: Jennifer Lawrence [Katniss Everdeen], Josh Hutcherson [Peeta Mellark], Liam Hemsworth [Gale Hawthorne], Woody Harrelson [Haymitch Abernathy], Elizabeth Banks [Effie Trinket], Lenny Kravitz [Cinna], Stanley Tucci [Caesar Flickerman], Toby Jones [Claudius Templesmith], Donald Sutherland [President Snow], Willow Shields [Primrose], Wes Bentley [Seneca Crane], Amandla Stenberg [Rue], Alexander Ludwig [Cato], Paula Malcolmson [Mother]
  • Directed by: Gary Ross [Director], Gary Ross [Screenwriter], Suzanne Collins [Screenwriter], Billy Ray [Screenwriter]
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