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Old Goats

Panning a film like Old Goats feels a bit like pushing your crotchety grandfather down a flight of stairs: No matter how much he may deserve it, it’s just a mean thing to do. A slice-of-life picture about finding purpose in late adulthood, it means exceedingly well. It’s the product of a first-time director working with a paltry budget, and it stars a trio of elderly non-actors, each playing a fictionalized version of himself and improvising most of the way through their roles. If there’s such a thing as a critic-proof movie, it’s this one. But, if we wish to remain honest, it must be said that Old Goats putters through its 90 minutes without telling much of a story. Focusing on a few weeks in the lives of three retirees—an aspiring memoirist clinging to his playboy lifestyle well into his 80s; a socially awkward bachelor who lives on a decrepit boat; a relatively younger, middle-class office worker just beginning to cope with life post-job—the film cycles through a series of artlessly shot golf games, dinner parties and coffee-shop conversations, strung together by jokes about senior dating and struggles with newfangled technology. Britt Cosley, as the lonely guy who sleeps at the docks, has a remarkably sympathetic face, and Bob Burkholder is really great at calling people assholes. Ultimately, though, watching Old Goats is sort of like getting stuck in a conversation with a kindly senior citizen on the bus: You smile and nod, but the entire time you’re checking your watch and searching for an excuse to switch seats.

Special Note

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  • Genres: Biography, Comedy
  • Running Time: 101 minutes
  • Country: United States
  • Language: English
  • Critic's Score: B-
  • Starring: Bob Burkholder [], Britton Crosley [], Gail Shackel [], Benita Staadecker [], David Wal []
  • Directed by: Taylor Guterson [Director], Taylor Guterson [Screenwriter], Johnathan Boyer [Executive Producer], Taylor Guterson [Executive Producer], Taylor Guterson [Cinematographer], Taylor Guterson [Film Editor]
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