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The Guilt Trip


Seth Rogen has spent much of the past five years trying to come out from under the long shadow of his mentor, Judd Apatow. But only recently has the Canadian actor become truly successful, via a restrained dramatic turn in Sarah Polley's Take This Waltz, and now in The Guilt Trip, a sweet trifle of a road picture/buddy comedy. The small twist on the formula is that these adventurers are a mother and son. Here, Rogen takes his loving but overbearing mom (a charming, dowdy Barbra Streisand) along for a cross-country ride as he attempts to sell an all-natural cleaning product. The catch is Rogen's other agenda to reconnect Streisand with a long-lost love. Beyond that, the film sticks close to convention: Tension arises, secrets get revealed, lessons are learned, and a montage or two fly by. The Guilt Trip is cinematic comfort food given some substance by the charming chemistry of its leads and a genuinely heartfelt, affecting interest in strong family bonds. Both should secure this film's success on the overstuffed holiday film calendar.

  • Genres: Comedy
  • Running Time: 96 minutes
  • Release Date: Wednesday, December 19, 2012
  • Country: United States
  • Language: English
  • MPAA Rating: PG-13 [ Language, Some Risque Material ]
  • Critic's Score: B
  • Starring: Barbra Streisand [Joyce Brewster], Seth Rogen [Andy Brewster], Kathy Najimy [], Colin Hanks [Rob], Adam Scott [Andrew Margolis Jr.], Danny Pudi [Sanjay]
  • Directed by: Anne Fletcher [Director], Dan Fogelman [Screenwriter], Lorne Michaels [Producer], John Goldwyn [Producer], Evan Goldberg [Producer], Seth Rogen [Executive Producer], Barbra Streisand [Executive Producer], Mary McLaglen [Executive Producer], Dan Fogelman [Executive Producer], David Ellison [Executive Producer], Dana Goldberg [Executive Producer], Paul Schwake [Executive Producer]
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