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As far as weepies go, Any Day Now does its damnedest to drain as much salty juice from your tear ducts as possible. The fairly soapy plot—gay couple in 1979 fights for custody of a disabled teenage boy—could prompt waterworks without much additional urging. But writer-director Travis Fine’s cliché-ridden screenplay and fondness for close-ups of Alan Cumming’s pliable face, alternately beaming and misty-eyed, do in this well-meaning film. Cumming plays Rudy Donatello, a lip-synching drag queen in West Hollywood, who meets freshly out-of-the-closet lawyer Paul Fleiger (an understated Garret Dillahunt). When Rudy's drug-addicted neighbor gets picked up on a possession charge, he swoops in to save her 14-year-old son Marco (Isaac Leyva), who has Down syndrome and whose favorite toy is a blonde doll (this will, predictably, play out poorly in court). Though inspired by a true story, Rudy and Paul’s relationship—along with their fierce devotion to Marco—develops too quickly to feel wholly plausible. The leads (Cumming in particular) do their best with sorely underwritten characters, but rather than casting fresh light on the era’s institutionalized homophobia, Any Day Now gets stuck in the sap of treacle and tears.

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  • Release Date: Friday, December 28, 2012
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