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The Company You Keep

Never mind that in real life, Weather Underground activists did not murder anyone in their anti-war radicalism of the early 1970s. In Robert Redford’s The Company You Keep, they did. As the film tells it, during a Weather Underground bank robbery, a security guard was killed, and the young revolutionaries escaped. The fugitives, still on the FBI’s short list of most wanted decades later, have melted into the suburbs under assumed identities. Sharon Solarz (a shining Susan Sarandon) plans to turn herself in when the FBI gets the jump on her. This is the spark that ignites the thriller’s slow fuse, which smolders thanks to the acting but is ultimately smothered by sap. Shia LaBeouf plays Ben Shepard, an arrogant sophomore reporter whose main goal in life is to break a major story, ethically or not. He gets his chance when he finds that a local lawyer is actually Nick Sloan (Redford), one of the wanted fugitives. Thrills are in short supply as Ben tracks Nick across the country, piecing together clues from a public library. Other than LaBeouf and a few bit parts, the cast could be the red-carpet parade at the 1986 Oscars. Redford, Sarandon and Nolte are joined by Julie Christie, Sam Elliott and Richard Jenkins (a dour professor of Marxism who barks objections to Nick’s violent tactics). Youth be damned: Dispassionate Redford aside, the top-notch cast delivers. But Hollywood’s moralizing foot stomps out any of the story’s flames, glossing over any discussion of morality, journalism or activism to ensure our young reporter can reflect on some gee-whiz life lessons. If we’re to judge based solely on the company kept in this film, The Company You Keep wins. As the film reminds us, “Terrorists justify terrorism,” but impressive performances do not justify a snoozy plot.
  • Genres: Thriller
  • Running Time: 121 minutes
  • Release Date: Friday, June 7, 2013
  • Country: United States
  • Language: English
  • MPAA Rating: R [ Language ]
  • Critic's Score: C+
  • Starring: Robert Redford [Jim Grant], Shia LaBeouf [Ben Shepard], Julie Christie [Mimi Lurie], Susan Sarandon [Sharon Solarz], Nick Nolte [Donal Fitzgerald], Chris Cooper [Daniel Sloan], Terrence Howard [FBI Agent Cornelius], Stanley Tucci [Ray Fuller], Richard Jenkins [Jed Lewis], Anna Kendrick [Diana], Brendan Gleeson [Henry Osborne], Brit Marling [Rebecca Osborne], Sam Elliott [Mac Mcleod], Stephen Root [Billy Cusimano], Jacqueline Evancho [Isabel Grant]
  • Directed by: Robert Redford [Director], Lem Dobbs [Screenwriter], Nicolas Chartier [Producer], Robert Redford [Producer], Bill Holderman [Producer], Craig Flores [Executive Producer], Shawn Williamson [Executive Producer], Adriano Goldman [Cinematographer], Mark Day [Film Editor], Cliff Martinez [Original Music], Laurence Bennett [Production Design], Jeremy Stanbridge [Art Director], Carol Lavallee [Set Decoration], Karen Matthews [Costume Designer], Avy Kaufman [Casting]
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