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White House Down

In a time of international turmoil, divisive politics and increasing moral vacancy, two all-American truths remain: Channing Tatum is smokin’ hot, and watching big explosions is fun. These are the principles that guide White House Down, in which Independence Day director Roland Emmerich again lays waste to our nation’s capital. Now, instead of an alien invasion, he unleashes computer hackers, terrorists and other enemies of the state on a mission to capture President Sawyer (Jamie Foxx). Superfluous though it may be, there is a plot. D.C. cop John Cale (Tatum) takes his angsty preteen daughter Emily (Joey King) on a tour of the White House. When Emily goes in search of a restroom, a bomb explodes nearby, and a squadron of bedraggled dudes with automatic weapons floods the marble hallways. Cale narrowly escapes a spray of bullets and takes off looking for his daughter, but instead finds the president. Ample violence, awkward political references and obnoxious racial stereotyping ensue as the unlikely duo scramble through elevator shafts and underground tunnels, with Cale shouldering the dual responsibility of protecting the president and finding Emily. What gives this trigger-happy flick some charisma, aside from feeding the red-blooded American fascination with attacks on Washington, is the patriotic appeal of an underdog prevailing against the odds. Tatum’s beautiful bod and fearless fatherly instincts don’t hurt, either. All told, it’s a silver-screen fireworks show—senseless, extravagant and just in time for the Fourth.
  • Genres: Action, Thriller
  • Running Time: 137 minutes
  • Release Date: Friday, September 6, 2013
  • Country: United States
  • Language: English
  • MPAA Rating: PG-13 [ A Brief Sexual Image, Intense Gunfire and Explosions, Seq of Intense Action Violence, Some Language ]
  • Critic's Score: B-
  • Starring: Channing Tatum [Cale], Jamie Foxx [President Sawyer], Maggie Gyllenhaal [Finnerty], Jason Clarke [Stenz], Richard Jenkins [Raphelson], James Woods [Walker], Joey King [Emily], Nicolas Wright [Donnie the Guide], Jimmi Simpson [Tyler], Michael Murphy [Vice President Hammond], Rachelle Lefevre [Melanie], Lance Reddick [Gen. Caulfield], Matt Craven [Agent Kellerman], Jake Weber [Agent Hope], Peter Jacobson [Wallace], Barbara Williams [Muriel Walker], Kevin Rankin [Killick], Garcelle Beauvais [Alison Sawyer], Falk Hentschel [Motts]
  • Directed by: Roland Emmerich [Director], James Vanderbilt [Screenwriter], Bradley Fischer [Producer], Harald Kloser [Producer], James Vanderbilt [Producer], Larry Franco [Producer], Laeta Kalogridis [Producer], Ute Emmerich [Executive Producer], Channing Tatum [Executive Producer], Reid Carolin [Executive Producer], Anna Foerster [Cinematographer], Kirk Petruccelli [Production Design], Adam Wolfe [Film Editor], Thomas Wander [Original Music], Harald Kloser [Original Music], Lisy Christl [Costume Designer], John Papsidera [Casting], Andrea Kenyon [Casting], Randi Wells [Casting], Isabelle Guay [Supervising Art Direction], Jean-Pierre Paquet [Art Director], David Gaucher [Art Director], Charlotte Rouleau [Art Director], Sandra Tanaka [Art Director], Paul Hotte [Set Decoration]
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