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Struck by Lightning

Chris Colfer has probably had numerous film projects dangled in front of him in the wake of his breakaway success with the song-and-dance TV series Glee. He should be admired, then, for refusing such projects and deciding instead to write and produce a movie of his own. But it's unfortunate that the finished product is such an emotional and thematic mishmash. Struck by Lightning concerns Carson Phillips (played by Colfer, natch), a small-town boy who is killed off in the first five minutes by the titular act of God. The dead lad narrates the rest of the story in flashback (à la Sunset Boulevard), leading us through his evolution from a snide, bitchy high-school senior whom everyone despises to a slightly less snide, less bitchy young man who stares wistfully at the sea looking for answers. He achieves this change by founding a literary magazine, meant to pad his college application, and then blackmailing his classmates for contributions. Somewhere in Struck by Lightning there lurks a lesson about following one's dreams, but it gets buried under an unnecessary subplot involving Carson’s parents, tone-deaf comedy and juvenile poetics.

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  • Release Date: Monday, January 7, 2013
  • Critic's Score: D
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