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At the opening of Quentin Dupieux's last film, Rubber, the French director and electronic composer featured a monologue stating the film was an ode to "no reason." Apparently, a 90-minute film about a randy tire that telekinetically made people's heads explode didn't get that desire for nonsense out of Dupieux’s system. With Wrong, the director once again populates his screen with all sorts of insanity, from an office where it's always raining to canine-focused zen masters, telekinetic feces and transforming trees. At its heart is lonely slacker Dolph (Jack Plotnick), whose beloved dog goes missing, launching a series of encounters with bizarro freaks like a clingy pizza-store clerk (Alexis Dziena), an unorthodox detective (Eastbound and Down's Steve Little) and, most delightfully, an acid-scarred guru (the great William Fitchner) who urges Dolph to find his furry friend by unleashing the power of his mind. The central joke here is that all this weirdness is presented as normal, and oftentimes it's a head-scratching joy to listen to conversations go in circles or watch deadpan reactions to increasingly insane plot twists. After a while, though, it becomes evident that the film is weird for the sake of weird. In the end, it turns out weirdness can be sort of boring, especially when it's presented as milquetoast.

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Hollywood Theatre
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  • Release Date: Monday, April 1, 2013
  • Critic's Score: C
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