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The Hunt

In 1998, Danish filmmaker Thomas Vinterberg made The Celebration, which burrowed into issues of incest, suicide and pedophilia. It’s a raw and utterly shattering film. Vinterberg’s newest movie, The Hunt, raises equally dark questions, but it adopts an opposite perspective: This time, we follow the soft-spoken and sensitive Lucas (Mads Mikkelsen), a kindergarten teacher falsely accused of sexual abuse. Five-year-old Klara (the remarkable Annika Wedderkopp) has developed a schoolgirl’s crush on Lucas, but when he tries to gently redirect her affection, she feels rejected and intimates to the headmaster that he’s exposed himself to her. The willingness of the adults to believe Klara’s offhand lie—even after she attempts to correct her story, mouth and nose twitching all the while—is exasperating. Almost as maddening is Lucas’ reluctance to defend himself, for reasons unspoken. Cast against type here, Mikkelsen is the epitome of quiet anguish. But the others, firmly convinced of his guilt, become an amorphous mob of vitriol and venom, attacking him in the grocery store and lobbing rocks through his kitchen window. Their lack of doubt, while perhaps reflective of both our protective instincts and our misguided belief in the fundamental honesty of children, causes The Hunt to curdle into a too-simple parable about the terrible power of lies and gossip.

Special Note

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  • Genres: Drama
  • Running Time: 110 minutes
  • Release Date: Thursday, October 25, 2012
  • Country: Denmark
  • Language: Danish
  • MPAA Rating: R
  • Critic's Score: B-
  • Starring: Mads Mikkelsen [Lucas], Thomas Bo Larsen [Theo], Annika Wedderkopp [Klara], Lasse Fogelstrøm [Marcus], Susse Wold [Grethe], Anne Louise Hassing [Agnes], Lars Ranthe [Bruun], Alexandra Rapaport [Nadja], Ole Dupont [Godsejer / Advokat]
  • Directed by: Thomas Vinterberg [Director], Tobias Lindholm [Screenwriter], Thomas Vinterberg [Screenwriter], Sisse Graum Jorgensen [Producer], Morten Kaufmann [Producer], Nikolaj Egelund [Original Music], Charlotte Christensen [Cinematographer], Janus Jansen [Film Editor], Anne Østerud [Film Editor], Torben Nielsen [Production Design], Torbe Nielsen [Production Design], Manon Rasmussen [Costume Designer], Jette Termann [Casting], Tanja Grunwald [Casting]
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