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The End of Love

[ONE NIGHT ONLY] Mark (Mark Webber, who also directs) plods through life as a struggling actor and single father in the wake of his girlfriend’s untimely death. He’s hardly mature enough to comb his own hair and doesn’t have money to pay rent, so Mark and 2-year-old Isaac subsist on cereal, take trips to the cemetery and trudge to the occasional failed audition, where son distracts father during line readings with Amanda Seyfried. Mark eliminates any hope for future relationships by awkwardly professing his love for Lydia (Shannyn Sossamon), a fellow single parent, on their first, inebriated kiss. Truthfully, there never was any hope. Shot like a documentary, with quick cuts from mac-’n’-cheese dinners to trips in a Prius, The End of Love is devoid of a soundtrack or any engaging plot line. Instead, we get 90 minutes of Webber looking distraught. Isaac’s endearing kid-isms are the only uplift, but even they are stifled by Mark’s attempts to find last-minute child care on Craigslist. With his attempt at capturing the struggles of his profession, Webber instead manages a home video of parenthood’s most painful, awkward and boring parts.

Special Note

Hollywood Theatre. 7:15 pm Tuesday, May 7
  • Running Time:
  • Release Date: Monday, April 29, 2013
  • MPAA Rating: PG
  • Critic's Score: D
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