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Molly's Theory of Relativity

It’s Halloween in a small apartment in New York City. An uncompleted agenda painted on the wall lists “anal sex” and “become a major league baseball player.” The ring of the doorbell might mean a trick-or-treater, or a neighbor accompanied by a ghost, or maybe Chet, the potentially imaginary boy who lives next door. That’s just one hint that the world of Molly’s Theory of Relativity, directed by Jeff Lipsky (Flannel Pajamas), isn’t grounded in reality. Recently laid off, the titular Molly, a 28-year-old astrophysicist (Sophia Takal), grapples with a choice: move to Norway, where she and her husband, Zack (Takal’s real-life husband, Lawrence Michael Levine), can start over anonymously, or stay in New York to search for work. Some parts are enjoyable, usually the scenes with Daisy Tahan as a trick-or-treater dressed as Albert Einstein, who brings a disarming brightness and charm to her role. But mostly viewers get too much long-winded and stagy discussion that sometimes explores the relationship between parent and child, the state of the economy, and death…and sometimes things like seaweed or farts. Many lines are delivered just a second too late, and many shots linger a few seconds too long, making for an uncomfortable two hours.

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  • Release Date: Monday, April 8, 2013
  • Critic's Score: D
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