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Arthur Newman

Aspiring golf pro and forlorn businessman Wallace Avery (Colin Firth) has a few problems: He chokes under pressure on the golf course, he’s disenchanted with his love life, and his teenage son isn’t interested in him. So, in Dante Ariola’s dark comedy about lost souls, Wallace flees that life by taking on a new identity. Dubbing himself Arthur Newman, he sets off for the utopia of Terre Haute, Ind., with an orange duffel full of cash and a perpetually worried expression. His ex-wife’s infuriatingly perfect home is hardly out of Newman’s rear-view mirror when he stumbles upon “Mike” (Emily Blunt). If anyone seems more pathetic than Colin Firth in a pink polo shirt and frown, it’s Blunt’s kleptomaniacal lock-picker, who has stolen her insane twin’s identity to assume a life of cough-syrup abuse and car theft. Naturally, the two are a match made in false-identity heaven, and they build an exciting sex life by breaking into strangers’ homes and impersonating the absent residents. Grandparents walking in on Firth and Blunt, cardigan-clad and mid-coitus, is a high point. But ultimately, Arthur Newman is more a therapy session than a game of dress-up, a bittersweet reflection on how the past never dies.

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Fox Tower
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  • Release Date: Tuesday, April 23, 2013
  • Critic's Score: B
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