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Let's Bury the Hatchet! (Deep in Your Face)

[ONE NIGHT ONLY] Let’s Bury the Hatchet! is a movie so surreal it defies the concept of genre, and the name of the lead actor—Rich Cashin—might fool viewers into thinking the whole thing is a hoax. Local writer-director Bryan Hiltner’s film revolves, extremely loosely, around an insane father with anger management issues. He and his “Team Death Squad” exact revenge on an avant-garde Portland theater director who rejects his daughter’s audition for a pretentious production of Once We Reach Leixlip, My Darling (not a real piece of theater, if you were wondering). Each member of the team has a very specific skill (killing people through their own anger, blowing up cats, targeting demonic possession, etc.) and one, a “Portland superhero” in green spandex named in the credits only as Frogman, is there purely to, as he declares, “keep things weird.” To its credit, this obviously low-budget production makes decent use of its limited resources. As heads explode and mimes play invisible tennis, at the end of the film’s 102 minutes you’ll probably ask yourself what the hell you just watched. But then again, that was probably just what Hiltner set out to do.

Special Note

Clinton Street Theater. 9 pm Saturday, July 20
  • Genres: Comedy
  • Running Time: 80 minutes
  • Country: United States
  • Language: English
  • Critic's Score: C+
  • Starring: Joshua Atkinson [Greg Larson], Greg Boswell [Merry Weather Clam], Rich Cashin [Vic Craven], Karen Farley [Madam Irene Monroe], Jon Farley [Amil Portraine], Andrew Ford [Schlitz], Neil Freer [Doctor Uunst]
  • Directed by: Bryan Hiltner [Director], Bryan Hiltner [Screenwriter], Bryan Hiltner [Producer], Michelle Vincig [Cinematographer]
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