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Need for Speed

When a car-chase flick opens with its main characters watching the Steve McQueen classic Bullitt, it had better deliver the goods. Luckily, Need for Speed makes good on its promise of high-octane spectacle, putting Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul in the driver's seat of a tricked-out Mustang. He's undertaking a 240-mph, cross-country quest to beat his douchebag rival (Dominic Cooper) in an illegal street race. The film offers up a steady stream of revving engines and amazing stunts—largely executed without computer assistance—that would do McQueen proud. Unfortunately, director Scott Waugh is also saddled with telling a story, which is a dubious task for a film based on a wildly popular series of video games with no plot. Screenwriter George Gatins comes up with the simplest excuse possible to crash cars—it's a standard honor and revenge narrative—but at 130 minutes, the film runs out of gas just when the third act kicks in. Paul, henceforth to be known as Aaron Paul Walker, glowers effectively enough behind the wheel as logic and physics are gleefully ignored. Need for Speed could have been a great little B-movie throwback if it knew where to slam on the brakes. Instead, it blows a flat about 90 minutes in and idles to the finish line.
  • Genres: Action
  • Running Time: 124 minutes
  • Release Date: Friday, March 14, 2014
  • Country: United States
  • Language: English
  • MPAA Rating: PG-13 [ Crude Language, Disturbing Crash Scenes, Nudity, Seq. of Reckless Street Racing ]
  • Critic's Score: C
  • Starring: Aaron Paul [Tobey Marshall], Dominic Cooper [Dino Brewster], Imogen Poots [Julia Maddon], Scott Mescudi [Benny], Rami Malek [Finn], Ramon Rodriguez [Joe Peck], Harrison Gilbertson [Little Pete], Dakota Johnson [Anita], Stevie Ray Dallimore [Bill Ingram], Michael Keaton [Monarch], Alan Pflueger [Flyin' Hawaiian], Brian Keaulana [Right Seater], Logan Holladay [DJ Joseph], Carmela Zumbado [Jeny B], Jalil Lynch [Jimmy Macintosh], Nick Chinlund [Officer Lejeune]
  • Directed by: Scott Waugh [Director], George Gatins [Screenwriter], John Gatins [Producer], Patrick O'Brien [Producer], Mark Sourian [Producer], Stuart Besser [Executive Producer], Scott Waugh [Executive Producer], Max Leitman [Executive Producer], Frank Gibeau [Executive Producer], Patrick Soderlund [Executive Producer], Tim Moore [Executive Producer], Shane Hurlbut [Cinematographer], Jon Hutman [Production Design], Paul Rubell [Film Editor], Scott Waugh [Film Editor], Ellen Mirojnick [Costume Designer], Nathan Furst [Original Music], Steve Graham [Art Director], K.C. Fox [Set Decoration]
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