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Fed Up

Two white powders are poured onto a desk. One is sugar, the other cocaine. Which one is more likely to get you hooked? As noted in Stephanie Soechtig’s balanced documentary Fed Up, sugar is in fact eight times more addictive than cocaine, and yet the food industry and our government still fill food with tons of it, in order to keep their pockets full and Americans fat. Executive producer Katie Couric narrates this 90-minute documentary, which unwraps how powerful food companies have colluded with the government to produce widespread obesity. Arguing that “solutions” to the weight problem only further feed the epidemic, the film follows four overweight adolescents and shows their families’ struggles to remain healthy in a nation that keeps feeding us lies. “If a foreign nation were doing that to our kids, we would go to war,” says one of the film’s interviewees. Fed Up relies less on heartstring-tugging than on damning statistics: By 2050, one in every three people will have diabetes. Currently, 75 percent of medical-care costs go to treat metabolic disease. At the end of the film, though, we revisit the kids to check on their current state of health after much effort to lose weight. Though they all continue to exercise and try to eat healthy, not one has been able to keep their weight down. It’s a bleak end to what appears to be a bleak present.

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Fox Tower
  • Running Time:
  • Release Date: Tuesday, May 6, 2014
  • MPAA Rating: PG
  • Critic's Score: A
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