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And So It Goes

A senior-citizen rom-com is bound to invite skepticism, especially if it opens with a seersucker-clad Michael Douglas driving past golf courses in a vintage Benz. But director Rob Reiner—who in the past 15 years has gone from gems like Stand by Me and When Harry Met Sally to utter dreck—hasn’t wholly lost his touch. What starts off cheesy and predictable turns into a fresh (if still somewhat cheesy) portrait of a modern family. In And So It Goes, the crusty Oren Little (Douglas) finds his long-lost granddaughter, Sarah, abandoned on his doorstep. Slow to show the 8-year-old any affection, he hands her off to his neighbor, Leah (Diane Keaton). An amateur lounge singer who can’t get through a set without crying, Leah feels immediate compassion for the girl, which, of course, begins to soften Oren. Leah and Oren bicker with the bitter comedy only two aging widowers could enjoy. “Last time I had sex, I tore my ACL,” Oren says. Leah, later: “I had a dog once that wouldn’t leave my crotch alone for months, and that was more romantic than this.” As Leah grows into the world’s coolest adoptive grandma—signaled by fedora and black eyeliner—Oren begins a search for Sarah’s mother that starts on Facebook and leads to a heroin den. If the convincingly compatible Douglas and Keaton aren’t enough of a draw, look forward to a comically toupeed Reiner dropping the word “cray” in a cameo.
  • Running Time:
  • Release Date: Monday, July 21, 2014
  • MPAA Rating: PG-13
  • Critic's Score: B
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