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Sucker Punch

In promoting Sucker Punch, Zack Snyder (300, Watchmen) insisted we should prepare to have our minds blown. He totally succeeds in blowing while telling the story of Baby Doll (doe-eyed and possibly comatose Emily Browning), who is whisked away to a gothic hospital for criminally hot chicks. In order to escape a lobotomy at the spike of Don Draper (this is the '50s, after all), she is tasked with finding five items to secure her freedom. But to get those items, she must escape to a fantasy world where she and friends Abbie Cornish, Jena Malone, Vanessa Hudgens and Jamie Chung are lingerie-clad prostitutes in a rundown 1920s brothel. Oh, oh, oh—but the items aren’t in this fantasy world. In order to get them, Baby Doll has to strip, an act that transports her into ANOTHER fantasy world, an Iron Maiden album cover full of zombie Nazis, orcs, robots, monster samurai, dragons and other shit that inspired by a 13-year-old boy’s notebook doodles. Sucker Punch is a big, sloppy mess of a film designed solely to put the sexy women in fetish costumes straight out of a Japanese cosplay porno. But goddamn, did Snyder need to take himself so seriously while presenting what’s basically a video-game combination of Girl, Interrupted, The Matrix, Hellboy, Kill Bill, Lord of the Rings and a teenager’s wet dream? The visuals can’t make up for what isn’t just a horrible movie, but three horrible movies packed into one, a redundant mess full of shitty performances and ripoff action. Well, at least we now know that Snyder thinks about more than oiled-up Spartan warriors while wanking.
  • Genres: Action, Fantasy
  • Release Date: Friday, March 25, 2011
  • Country: United States
  • Language: English
  • MPAA Rating: PG-13 [ Combat Sequences, Language, Sexuality, Thematic Material, Violence ]
  • Critic's Score: 29
  • Starring: Emily Browning [Babydoll], Abbie Cornish [Sweet Pea], Jena Malone [Rocket], Vanessa Hudgens [Blondie], Jamie Chung [Amber], Carla Gugino [Madam Gorski], Jon Hamm [High Roller], Scott Glenn [Wise Man], Oscar Isaac [Blue]
  • Directed by: Zack Snyder [Director], Zack Snyder [Screenwriter], Steve Shibuya [Screenwriter], Deborah Snyder [Producer], Zack Snyder [Producer], Thomas Tull [Executive Producer], Wesley Coller [Executive Producer], Jon Jashni [Executive Producer], Chris DeFaria [Executive Producer], Jim Rowe [Executive Producer], William Fay [Executive Producer], Larry Fong [Cinematographer], William Hoy [Film Editor], Rick Carter [Production Design], Tyler Bates [Original Music], Michael Wilkinson [Costume Designer]
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