Willamette Week - http://www.wweek.com/portland/articles.sec-1466-1-.html Sat, 10 Oct 2015 00:00:00 -0700 en hourly 1 Driving to Drink - A new liquor sales law in Washington is sending hordes of booze buyers into Oregon. http://www.wweek.com/portland/article-20020-driving_to_drink_a_new_lir_sales_law_in_washington_is_sending_hordes_of_booze_buyers_into_oregon.html For years now, the embattled Oregon Liquor Control Commission has been fighting powerful lobbyists for grocery store chains that want to end the state’s nearly 80-year monopoly on selling booze.]]> This Is My Rifle - The AR-15—the rifle favored by hunters, marksmen and spree killers—by the numbers. http://www.wweek.com/portland/article-20042-this_is_my_rifle_the_ar_15%E2%80%94the_rifle_favored_by_hunters_marksmen_and_spree_killers%E2%80%94b.html 1957: The year ArmaLite Corp. began to develop the AR-15 (AR meaning “ArmaLite,” not “assault rifle”). 1959: The first year the
Emerging Women - A group that trains Democratic women to run for office is showing success. http://www.wweek.com/portland/article-19900-emerging_women_a_group_that_trains_democratic_women_to_run_for_office_is_showing_success.html As a candidate for public office, Jessica Vega Pederson already had a compelling life story. She was raised in a Mexican-American family in Chicago, where her mother was politically active and P]]>