Willamette Week - http://www.wweek.com/portland/articles.sec-1498-1-.html Sat, 10 Oct 2015 00:00:00 -0700 en hourly 1 Bringing Out the Dead - A PSU student attempts to recreate a lost Grateful Dead show, based on the memories of those who were there. Good luck! http://www.wweek.com/portland/article-20622-bringing_out_the_dead_a_psu_student_attempts_to_recreate_a_lost_grateful_dead_show_based_on_the_memo.html They say anyone who remembers the ’60s wasn’t there. Tell it to Travis Neel. For the last six months, the 29-year-old Portland State University graduate student has been studying the Gratefu]]> Top 9 Hikes Around Hood - Rocky climbs that pay off with great views, lush canyons full of waterfalls, and switchbacks on an extinct volcano. http://www.wweek.com/portland/article-24766-top_9_hikes_around_hood_rocky_climbs_that_pay_off_with_great_views_lush_canyons_full_of_waterfalls_a.html Mount Hood takes all comers. That snow-topped stratovolcano on Portland’s easterly horizon has faces that will chill the bones of seasoned mountaineers, but also plenty of waterfalls easily ]]> Album Review: Pheasant - <i>Gravel Beach</i> (Self-Released) http://www.wweek.com/portland/article-20427-album_review_pheasant_gravel_beach_%28self_released%29.html [ROOTSY INDIE] Pheasant may not be carving a particularly distinctive niche for itself, but the band is getting closer by the album. The group’s sophomore LP, Gravel Beach, is a collection of ]]> Summer Guide 2013: The Wind Beneath My Wings - A So-Cal transplant who’s never surfed boards the Gorge. http://www.wweek.com/portland/article-20793-summer_guide_2013_the_wind_beneath_my_wings_a_so_cal_transplant_whos_never_surfed_boards_the_gorge.html There’s a moment of calm before it takes me. I stand stagnant on the deck of the board as it gradually coasts atop the water and my body gently trembles from a sense of eagerness. I’m not quit]]> The Best Thing I Heard This Year: Portland Edition - <i>WW</i>’s music staff picks its favorite local albums of 2013. http://www.wweek.com/portland/article-21668-the_best_thing_i_heard_this_year_portland_edition_wws_music_staff_picks_its_favorite_local_albums_of.html Blitzen Trapper, VII A consistently suggestive blend of robust alt-country and catchy guitar-picking from Portland’s resident kings of genre-roving Americana. (GS) Epp, Chrome Plated Chronicle]]> Show Preview: Northwest String Summit - http://www.wweek.com/portland/article-22788-show_preview_northwest_string_summit_.html [STRING JAM] When you’ve curated your own three-day festival for more than a decade, you’re somewhat expected to headline at least one night—or in the case of Colorado’s Yonder Mountain ]]> Shane Torres - A Texas-born comedian becomes Portland’s funniest person. http://www.wweek.com/portland/article-20826-shane_torres_a_texas_born_comedian_becomes_portlands_funniest_person.html Nearly seven years ago, comedian Shane Torres thought the best joke in his arsenal was the first one he’d ever written. Apparently the open-mic patrons at the Hungry Tiger Too didn’t think n]]> The Funny Glut - So everyone’s a comedian now? http://www.wweek.com/portland/article-20511-the_funny_glut_so_everyones_a_comedian_now.html A priest, a rabbi and an atheist walk into a bar. They put their names on the list and hope to get called up for three minutes onstage. They’re aspiring standups—like everyone else in Portland]]> <i>Aggro Rag Freestyle Mag! Plywood Hoods Zines ’84-’89</i> - “Me. I ride for me.” http://www.wweek.com/portland/article-20459-aggro_rag_freestyle_mag__plywood_hoods_zines_84_89_%E2%80%9Cme_i_ride_for_me%E2%80%9D.html Aggro Rag Freestyle Mag! Plywood Hoods Zines ’84-’89: The Complete Collection (Stovepiper Books Media, 443 pages, $24.43) is radical, and not in political or mathematical terms. Rather, this i]]> Headout: Tree Toppers - Learn how tree-climbing competitions work. http://www.wweek.com/portland/article-20786-headout_tree_toppers_learn_how_tree_climbing_competitions_work.html Tree climbing is an activity most often associated with children and barefoot hippies—two groups that wouldn’t stand a chance at this weekend’s Portland Regional Tree Climbing Competition. ]]> Introducing...: Hook & Anchor - http://www.wweek.com/portland/article-22713-introducing_hook_anchor_.html Who: Kati Claborn (guitar, banjo, ukulele, vocals), Gabrielle Macrae (violin, vocals), Ryan Dobrowski (drums), Erik Clampitt (guitar, pedal steel, vocals), Luke Ydstie (bass, vocals). Sounds like]]> Album Review: Quiet Life - <i>Wild Pack</i> (Mama Bird Recording Co.) http://www.wweek.com/portland/article-21421-album_review_quiet_life_wild_pack_%28mama_bird_recording_co%29.html [RUST-BELT POP ROCK] Quiet Life’s “San Luis Obispo” is a carefree slice of twanged-out Americana, bustling with tight, countrified swagger and Tom Petty-ish guitar. It exemplifies the Po]]> Top Five Compliments for Mumford & Sons - http://www.wweek.com/portland/article-20655-top_five_compliments_for_mumford_sons_.html Goudy Old Style looks pretty slick as an album font.Outdated? Psssh. Typography from 1915 is totally in right now. “Little Lion Man” proves radio edits don’t discourage inappropriate off-air la]]> Album Review: The Parson Red Heads - <i>Orb Weaver</i> (Fiesta Red) http://www.wweek.com/portland/article-21445-album_review_the_parson_red_heads_orb_weaver_%28fiesta_red%29.html [FOLKISH PSYCH POP] Nineteen seconds of bright, delicate guitar strums and the warbling cry of the Great Northern Loon is one way to start an album. It’s fitting, though, given that the Parson R]]> Becky Ohlsen <i>Walking Portland</i> - Wheezing, drinking, learning. http://www.wweek.com/portland/article-20582-becky_ohlsen_walking_portland_wheezing_drinking_learning.html Becky Ohlsen’s Walking Portland keeps up a blistering pace through Portland’s gridded streets while stopping at every worthy watering hole and potential Instagram selfie backdrop along the way]]> Album Review: The Builders and the Butchers - <i>Western Medicine</i> (Badman) http://www.wweek.com/portland/article-20784-album_review_the_builders_and_the_butchers_western_medicine_%28badman%29.html [APOCALYPTIC FOLK] The Builders and the Butchers’ fifth album is largely influenced by the postapocalyptic literature of Cormac McCarthy, and it shows: Western Medicine is just as cheerless as T]]> Headout: Pickin’ ’n’ Grinnin’ - Thrifting advice from a man who makes a living reselling Goodwill finds. http://www.wweek.com/portland/article-20509-headout_pickin_n_grinnin_thrifting_advice_from_a_man_who_makes_a_living_reselling_goodwill_finds.html You won’t see any photocopied fliers or crooked yard signs for “Portland’s largest garage sale.” This Saturday’s swap meet at the Expo Center doesn’t have such ragged charm. But that d]]> Album Review: Black Prairie - <i>Fortune</i> (Sugar Hill) http://www.wweek.com/portland/article-22470-album_review_black_prairie_fortune_%28sugar_hill%29.html [ROOTS RAWK] If a side project is lucky, there will come a time when the term “side project” no longer applies. It often begins when the band takes on a character rivaling that of the projects]]> Album Review: Blitzen Trapper - <i>VII</i> (Vagrant) http://www.wweek.com/portland/article-21177-album_review_blitzen_trapper_vii_%28vagrant%29.html [ROVING AMERICANA] One presumes that, 10 years into its career, Blitzen Trapper would’ve found its sense of direction by now. But on its seventh album, the band continues to experiment with its ]]> Album Review: Various Artists - <i>George Jones (Tribute Album)</i> (Deer Lodge) http://www.wweek.com/portland/article-21646-album_review_various_artists_george_jones_%28tribute_album%29_%28deer_lodge%29.html [JONESIN’ FOR GEORGE] The late George Jones was a troubled man. By the 1970s, the country great was known as much for his crippling addictions, visits to the psych ward, occasional high-speed ]]> Jon Mooallem, <i>Wild Ones</i> - Even more dead polar bears. http://www.wweek.com/portland/article-20735-jon_mooallem_wild_ones_even_more_dead_polar_bears.html The conservation of American wildlife is not a happy story. Well, not one Jon Mooallem would read his 2-year-old daughter before bedtime. His debut book, Wild Ones: A Sometimes Dismaying, Weirdl]]> Album Review: Spirit Lake - <i>The Biggening</i> (Self-Released) http://www.wweek.com/portland/article-22115-album_review_spirit_lake_the_biggening_%28self_released%29.html [PSYCH BLUES] Despite the reservations, sometimes bigger is better. From the onset, Spirit Lake’s third album, appropriately titled The Biggening, is more grandiose than the group’s past eff]]> Album Review: Hearts of Oak - <i>New England</i> (Deer Lodge) http://www.wweek.com/portland/article-22922-album_review_hearts_of_oak_new_england_%28deer_lodge%29.html [SHOEGAZIN’ COUNTRY] The term “shoegazer country” is hardly the first thing that comes to mind when talking niche music genres, but it remains an apt description of the warped soundscapes an]]> Album Review: Alialujah Choir - <i>Big Picture Show</i> (Woodphone) http://www.wweek.com/portland/article-23937-album_review_alialujah_choir_big_picture_show_%28woodphone%29.html [FURTHER FOLK] Sequencing an album is a tougher and more important task than it seems. You often want to open with a bang—a song that immediately hooks the listener. On the other hand, no one ]]> Crash Course - A guided tour through Portland’s music-video history. http://www.wweek.com/portland/article-20713-crash_course_a_guided_tour_through_portlands_music_video_history.html When filmmaker and Portland State professor Dustin Morrow founded the Portland Music Video Festival last year, he limited the event to videos produced in Portland. This year, he solicited submis]]> Primer: Alt-J - http://www.wweek.com/portland/article-20447-primer_alt_j_.html Formed: In 2007 in Leeds, England. Sounds like: A poppy, sonically schizophrenic take on what it’s like to search for authentic folk in a world burgeoning with wobbly dubstep and cryptic trap m]]> Album Review: Eric D. Johnson - <i>EDJ</i> (Easy Sound) http://www.wweek.com/portland/article-22851-album_review_eric_d_johnson_edj_%28easy_sound%29.html [FRUIT BAT] Eric D. Johnson’s indie-folk band Fruit Bats was always intended to be a solo act, right up to the band’s demise last November. But the aptly named EDJ, Johnson’s first LP under ]]> Mic Check: Blitzen Trapper - http://www.wweek.com/portland/article-20693-mic_check_blitzen_trapper_.html Portland’s music scene has changed a lot in the last 10 years. Venues once at the center of the local music circuit, like the Meow Meow and the Blackbird, have faded into memory, taking innumera]]> Album Review: Future Historians - <i>Portrait of Self</i> (Self-Released) http://www.wweek.com/portland/article-23454-album_review_future_historians_portrait_of_self_%28self_released%29.html [SHIMMERY FOLK] When Future Historians’ Dave Shur set out to put together his band, he had a single quote in mind: “It’s actually very difficult to make something both simple and good.” ]]> Album Review: Albatross - <i>Albatross</i> (Self-Released) http://www.wweek.com/portland/article-22017-album_review_albatross_albatross_%28self_released%29.html [SOLLEE WITH STRINGS] Being a distinct frontman is a double-edged sword for Ryan Sollee. The Portlander’s primary outfit, the Builders and the Butchers, delivered yet another album of brooding, ]]>