Willamette Week - http://www.wweek.com/portland/articles.sec-1545-1-.html Fri, 09 Oct 2015 00:00:00 -0700 en hourly 1 Strip Club Guide 2014: Stripper Beauty Tips - http://www.wweek.com/portland/article-22098-strip_club_guide_2014_stripper_beauty_tips_.html Did you know that face powder can cause respiratory infections? That shaving with oil can lead to smoother results than cream? That the key to a clear, blemish-free ass is to scrub, scrub and sc]]> Coffee Issue 2013: Super-Hot Coffee - A fearless reporter auditions as a bikini barista. http://www.wweek.com/portland/article-21604-coffee_issue_2013_super_hot_coffee_a_fearless_reporter_auditions_as_a_bikini_barista.html There are many reasons a woman might respond to a Craigslist want ad for bikini baristas. Maybe said woman always wanted to learn a useful trade. Or perhaps she had longed for years to indulge h]]> Bowling For Love - Match, Tinder and shiny balls: it’s tough to pick up a spare man in Portland. http://www.wweek.com/portland/article-21982-bowling_for_love_match_tinder_and_shiny_balls_its_tough_to_pick_up_a_spare_man_in_portland.html Steve’s “tell” should have been his cedar-encased iPhone. Then again, I was never much of a poker player. It’s an unseasonably warm Saturday and thanks to OkCupid, a free dating site wildl]]> Hotseat: Aziz Ansari - The whip-smart comedian talks romance in the digital age. http://www.wweek.com/portland/article-22189-hotseat_aziz_ansari_the_whip_smart_comedian_talks_romance_in_the_digital_age.html Aziz Ansari has some of the sharpest standup out there right now. Unlike many other comics, the Parks and Recreation star doesn’t just stop at oddball observations, but puts in the necessary bra]]> Aviary: Restaurant Guide 2014 - http://www.wweek.com/portland/article-23213-aviary_restaurant_guide_2014_.html 1733 NE Alberta St., 287-2400,, aviarypdx.com [BIRD'S THE WORD] Named WW's Restaurant of the Year in 2012—after rebuilding from a devastating fire only five months into]]> <i>Midsummer</i> (Third Rail Repertory) - Love, Elmo and Japanese rope bondage, set to song. http://www.wweek.com/portland/article-22216-midsummer_%28third_rail_repertory%29_love_elmo_and_japanese_rope_bondage_set_to_song.html Spring is often referred to as the season of love. But for Bob and Helena, two unlikely lovers on the streets of Edinburgh, the solstice is when the magic happens. Midsummer is modestly subtitle]]> Piazza Italia: Restaurant Guide 2014 - http://www.wweek.com/portland/article-23272-piazza_italia_restaurant_guide_2014_.html Are you there Judy? It’s me, Debbie. - http://www.wweek.com/portland/article-22671-are_you_there_judy_its_me_debbie_.html On June 16, literati the world over re-enact the plot of James Joyce’s Ulysses with pub crawls, marathon readings and Irish breakfasts. On June 17, former teenagers of Portland will have a simil]]> <i>The Playboy of the Western World</i> (Artists Rep) - Dense as a furzy ditch, but the craic is mighty. http://www.wweek.com/portland/article-22610-the_playboy_of_the_western_world_%28artists_rep%29_dense_as_a_furzy_ditch_but_the_craic_is_mighty.html “There’s a great gap between a gallous story and a dirty deed.” So says the sharp-tongued Pegeen Mike in J.M. Synge’s The Playboy of the Western World. There’s also a great gap between Syn]]> <i>Under the Skin</i> - ScarJo spins a web for lonely Glaswegians. http://www.wweek.com/portland/article-22398-under_the_skin_scarjo_spins_a_web_for_lonely_glaswegians.html Hell hath no fury like a woman with unlimited access to dingy lairs in Glasgow, Scotland. That’s one lesson to be gleaned from Jonathan Glazer’s Under the Skin, a sci-fi/horror hybrid starri]]> Battle Cry - A new opera explores the traumatic aftermath of combat. http://www.wweek.com/portland/article-23018-battle_cry_a_new_opera_explores_the_traumatic_aftermath_of_combat.html Midway through The Canticle of the Black Madonna, a war veteran named Adam curls into the fetal position. Discordant, frenetic music plays as Adam relives the deaths of his fellow soldiers in ]]> Maharaja Indian Restaurant: Restaurant Guide 2014 - http://www.wweek.com/portland/article-23254-maharaja_indian_restaurant_restaurant_guide_2014_.html <i>Dom Hemingway</i> - Pretty boy turns petty; preaches with poetry. http://www.wweek.com/portland/article-22433-dom_hemingway_pretty_boy_turns_petty_preaches_with_poetry.html Jude Law is all grown up. In Richard Shepard’s gangster send-up Dom Hemingway, Law has ditched his pretty-boy looks to play a petty criminal with a paunch and “a face like an abortion.” (D]]> <i>The Lunchbox</i> - Hungry for love. http://www.wweek.com/portland/article-22195-the_lunchbox_hungry_for_love.html Ritesh Batra’s The Lunchbox is set in Mumbai, where a fraternity of 5,000 men, the dabbawallas, have been delivering hot lunches from the city’s housewives to their businessman husbands for ]]> <i>The Invisible Woman</i> - A Victorian tale without any teeth. http://www.wweek.com/portland/article-21789-the_invisible_woman_a_victorian_tale_without_any_teeth.html It’s unfair but inevitable: You hope a film about a writer’s life will be as interesting and exciting and high-stakes as the scribe’s own work. But biopics rarely live up to the standards se]]> Circle Be Unbroken - Beth Harrington on her new film about the Carter-Cash family. http://www.wweek.com/portland/article-22480-circle_be_unbroken_beth_harrington_on_her_new_film_about_the_carter_cash_family.html Beth Harrington didn’t grow up listening to country. As a kid in Boston, she was reared on progressive rock and punk, and she herself sang backup in Jonathan Richman’s Modern Lovers in the e]]> <i>Gloria</i> - Love (and sex) in the time of middle age. http://www.wweek.com/portland/article-21989-gloria_love_%28and_sex%29_in_the_time_of_middle_age.html Two phrases that should probably be retired from the English language—“slice of life” and “woman of a certain age”—have both been applied to Gloria, the new film from Chilean director ]]> <i>Lear</i> (Bag & Baggage) - Shakespeare goes steampunk. http://www.wweek.com/portland/article-22124-lear_%28bag_baggage%29_shakespeare_goes_steampunk.html “We do things differently in the suburbs.” So said Scott Palmer, artistic director of Hillsboro’s Bag & Baggage Productions, in a pre-show introduction to Lear, a stripped-down, corseted]]> At Full Tilt - On-the-rise comic Beth Stelling talks fan mail, tilted uteruses and tankinis. http://www.wweek.com/portland/article-22162-at_full_tilt_on_the_rise_comic_beth_stelling_talks_fan_mail_tilted_uteruses_and_tankinis.html When you Google “Beth Stelling,” the first link that comes up is for the comedian’s website: sweetbeth.com. But click on that site, and your browser will try to take you to an online pharm]]> Bar Guide 2014: Local Lounge - http://www.wweek.com/portland/article-22335-bar_guide_2014_local_lounge_.html Local Lounge3536 NE Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., 282-1833, local-lounge.com. 4:30 pm-2 am daily.“Heartbreak makes me horny.” So says the light-switch plate in one of the Local Lounge’s two gend]]> <i>The Way He Looks</i> - Bach and Belle (and Sebastian) http://www.wweek.com/portland/article-23589-the_way_he_looks_bach_and_belle_%28and_sebastian%29.html Forget the love triangle. The Way He Looks gives us the love rhombus. Giovana loves Leonardo but Leonardo loves Gabriel and Gabriel loves Belle and Sebastian. The film, from Brazilian writer-d]]> AP Film Studies: Also Showing - http://www.wweek.com/portland/article-22168-ap_film_studies_also_showing_.html Editor’s Note: After filing his Muppets story this week, AP Kryza left an unintelligible voicemail for WW. Our transcription experts only made out the words “lemur,” “sourdough,” “stir]]> Bar Guide 2014: Kelly's Olympian - http://www.wweek.com/portland/article-22362-bar_guide_2014_kellys_olympian_.html Kelly’s Olympian426 SW Washington St., 228-3669, kellysolympian.com. 10-2 am daily.If the “Motorcycle Only” parking in front of Kelly’s Olympian doesn’t bring you up to speed on this downtow]]> Bar Guide 2014: Ponderosa Lounge - http://www.wweek.com/portland/article-22369-bar_guide_2014_ponderosa_lounge_.html Ponderosa Lounge10350 N Vancouver Way, 345-0300, ponderosalounge.com. 9 am-midnight Monday-Tuesday, 9-1 am Wednesday-Thursday, 9-2 am Friday, 8-2 am Saturday, 8 am-midnight Sunday.Country music is doi]]> AP Film Studies: Also Showing 3/26/14 - Castles, clowns and Jean-Claude Van Damme: This week at Portland’s indie theaters. http://www.wweek.com/portland/article-22196-ap_film_studies_also_showing_3_26_14_castles_clowns_and_jean_claude_van_damme_this_week_at_portlands.html Editor’s Note: Last week, columnist AP Kryza disappeared, leaving only a garbled voicemail. His whereabouts remain unknown. We did, however, receive a cryptic note—delivered by a bowtie-weari]]>