Had a Dad, Big and Dumb: That's My Boy Reviewed


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Adam Sandler Week at wweek.com concludes with a review of the comic, uh, genius's latest, That's My Boy—though really, if you're looking to critical opinion to decide whether or not to see an Adam Sandler movie, well, that's funnier than anything that'll happen onscreen.  WW's Critics Grade: DThere's a running gag through That's My Boy where Donny Berger—another in a long line of man-child ...   More
Friday, June 15, 2012 ROBERT HAM

Adam's Ling: An Educated Analysis of Sandler Speak


Movies & Television
In this week's issue, Willamette Week's resident goofy-accents analyst Rusty Feathercap lent his knowledge to deciphering the nearly imperceptible linguistic subtleties hidden within the many silly voices of America's laziest very-rich comic actor, Adam Sandler. In an effort of full disclosure, it should be noted that Feathercap is not a board-certified expert in...well, anything, really. Jeff Conn, ...   More
Wednesday, June 13, 2012 WW Film Staff

The Boys are Back in Town: Grown Ups Reviewed

Adam Sandler's back! Chris Rock's back! Some other people are back! Not screened by WW press deadlines! Whatever! It sucks! Grown Ups WW Critic's Score: 15 “Let's try to act normal in there,” Hollywood agent Adam Sandler tells his Voss-quaffing brats as they arrive at a funeral. Good luck with that: Before the end of the eulogy, Sandler and his coarse pals (Chris Rock, Kevin ...   More
Friday, June 25, 2010 AARON MESH


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