Shoe of the Moment: Lanvin Tie Back Gladiator

If ever there were a shoe that could make Russell Crowe quake in his mid-calf leather boots and armored mini-dress, it's the Lanvin Tie Back Gladiator. In this fine piece of strappy satin engineering, you could break into a Swan Lake leap and spike your heel straight into an ancient Roman's eye socket with equal aplomb. Pure fantasy at $1,050. Yes. $1,050 (that's not a misprint). Not available ...   More
Tuesday, April 28, 2009 Retail Therapist

Apocalypse No! Zombie “Safe Zone” established outside PDX

The recent PDX Zombie Prom was a true eye opener for a problem many Portlanders will face if the dead truly rise, hungry for warm flesh and predisposed to kill. Sure, it was cute. It was fun. Zombies danced and made out, they smiled and mugged for cameras. But outside the Bossanova Ballroom, where the ghouls smoked butts and mingled, there were no shouts of terror. In the neighborhoods, as zombies ...   More
Friday, May 29, 2009


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