When Women had Wings: Maleficent Reviewed


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Critic's Grade: C+I do not go willingly into that uncanny valley, and I do not slap on a pair of 3D glasses without some reluctance. That said, I’ll hand it to Maleficent: Its overdependence on CGI actually makes sense. All the better to self-parody with. The familiar visual touchstones are all there in this revisionist retelling of Disney’s 1959 Sleeping Beauty, with a fever dream edge. The ...   More
Monday, June 2, 2014 SAUNDRA SORENSON

Angelina Jolie is the Skinny Arnold Schwarzenegger: Salt Reviewed

Angelina Jolie's Russian-spy picture screened after WW press deadlines. Many agents died to bring us this information. Salt WW Critic's Score: 44 America has a problem: Its Secret Service agents are a bunch of glass-jawed pussies. In Salt, dozens of armed guards get their asses handed to them by one lone woman, often in groups of three or four at a time. Granted, the woman doing the ...   More
Thursday, July 22, 2010 MATTHEW SINGER


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