Business Groups Opposed to Transportation Fee Begin Organizing

Restaurant lobbyist Bill Perry on voter referral: "I think they know it would get shot down in a heartbeat."


Business groups—including associations of hotels, restaurants and convenience stores—will meet next week to begin planning opposition to the street fee Mayor Charlie Hales and Commissioner Steve Novick announced today. Among the options available to opponents: Referring a fee passed by City Council to voters in November. The Oregon Petroleum Association stopped a similar fee proposed by then-Commissioner ...   More
Thursday, May 22, 2014 Nigel Jaquiss and Aaron Mesh

Restaurant and Lodging Association Kicks Headquarters Hotel

tom hughes_01

The Oregon Restaurant and Lodging Association raised concerns today about the 600-room headquarters hotel Metro President Tom Hughes is proposing to build next to the Oregon Convention Center. ORLA is one the state's largest and best-financed trade associations,Metro, which operates the convention center, has already approved a $198 million hotel deal, which includes about $80 million in public money. ...   More
Tuesday, September 17, 2013 NIGEL JAQUISS

Oregon Restaurant Association Swings Back At Lottery Critics

Last week, the state Senate Finance Committee took testimony on the appropriate level of commissions for the Oregon Lottery to pay the retailers who carry video poker and video slot machines. The current six-year retailer contract expires next June and the Lottery Commission is expected to decide on the level of commissions by the end of this month. Commissions have fallen from 33.5 percent ...   More
Friday, October 9, 2009 NIGEL JAQUISS

Hospitality Groups Combine, Give to Dudley

At the end of June, two of the state's heavyweight trade groups, the Oregon Restaurant Association and the Oregon Lodging Association merged into a new group called the Oregon Restaurant & Lodging Association. That's a pretty big deal in political circles because the combined association speaks with one voice for more than 9,000 places that serve food and 2,500 lodging establishments. The association's ...   More
Friday, July 23, 2010 NIGEL JAQUISS


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