Clackamas County Commissioners Demand I-205 Diversion Estimates from Columbia River Crossing


The Clackamas County Board of Commissioners wrote Gov. John Kitzhaber today with a warning: If they don't get good estimates on how tolling the Columbia River Crossing might affect Interstate 205, they'll officially oppose the project.The letter (PDF), dated today, says the commissioners have asked Kitzhaber three times in five years for how tolling Interstate 5 would affect I-205 and "have failed ...   More
Tuesday, October 29, 2013 by Andrea Damewood

Clackamas Light Rail Vote Doesn't Really Mean Anything


The ballot measure language for Clackamas County's May 21 vote on light rail is out, and the wording is just as confusing as most of what's going on down there.Clackamas County is in the throes of a light rail rebellion. Board of Commission Chairman John Ludlow and Commissioner Tootie Smith were swept into office on the back of anti-Portland creep sentiment and funded by Stimson Lumber CEO Andrew ...   More
Friday, March 29, 2013 by Andrea Damewood

DOJ Investigation Adds to Chaos in Clackamas County


An Oregon Department of Justice investigation is now adding to the melee in Clackamas County.The DOJ confirmed it is conducting an investigation, although spokesman Jeff Manning declined to give details. Clackamas County Commissioner Paul Savas tells WW that he filed the request for an investigation. The investigation centers around allegations made by County Chairman John Ludlow, who accused County ...   More
Friday, March 29, 2013 ANDREA DAMEWOOD

Oregon City Company Promises Protection From Drones


The Oregon Legislature is poised to strictly limit the use of unmanned drones in Oregon airspace this week, as the threat of machines monitoring American citizens from the skies has gripped imaginations on the right and left. The legislature will consider its drone regulations on Wednesday, even as the issue gains national traction. Sen. Rand Paul (R-Kentucky) made domestic drones a centerpiece of ...   More
Monday, March 18, 2013 AARON MESH

Clackamas County Counsel Fires Subordinate, Files Bar Complaint Against Him

Complaint alleges conspiracy to oust county administrator


Clackamas County Counsel Stephen Madkour filed an Oregon State Bar complaint against a former county attorney he fired, saying Scot Sideras used his position to hatch a plan to oust County Administrator Steve Wheeler.Wheeler, 60, resigned his position on Feb. 25 and agreed to stay on as the county’s chief executive officer until his replacement was found. The Oregonian reported the separation as ...   More
Tuesday, March 5, 2013 by Andrea Damewood

Hall of Errors

A ballot-tampering probe highlights a history of problems under the Clackamas County clerk.

The news last week that a temporary Clackamas County elections worker got caught filling in votes for Republican candidates has put a cloud over the voting results in Oregon’s third-largest co   More
Wednesday, November 7, 2012 NIGEL JAQUISS

West Linn Police Stop Democratic Canvassers from Collecting Ballots Door-to-Door


 The Clackamas County elections office is embroiled in another controversy tonight after West Linn Police stopped two canvassers for Oregon House Democrats from collecting ballots door-to-door. The canvassers were not arrested, but the officers made them return the one ballot they had collected, according to both West Linn Police and the House Democrats.A West Linn police spokesman says the officers ...   More
Friday, November 2, 2012 AARON MESH

Department of Justice Investigating Alleged Ballot Fraud At Clackamas County Elections

Sources say election worker filled in ballots for Republican candidates


A Clackamas County elections worker is under criminal investigation for tampering with ballots, WW has learned. The underlying allegation is that the woman, whose name has not been released, filled in blanks on ballots turned into the county for the Nov. 6 general election. Sources familiar with the incident say their understanding is that the woman filled in a straight Republican ticket on the ...   More
Friday, November 2, 2012 NIGEL JAQUISS

The King of Clackistan

Timber baron Andrew Miller wants to turn Oregon to the right. He’s starting the fight in Portland’s backyard.

Cover Story
The rumble of raw logs bouncing through the sawmill’s machinery sounds like giants rolling strikes in a bowling alley. A metal lever thrusts...   More
Wednesday, October 31, 2012 AARON MESH


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