WATCH: Damian Lillard Makes His Live Rap Debut at Holocene


Is there anything Damian Lillard can't do?*  We'll certainly find out next season, as Lillard is going to have to do everything to make the Blazers competitive. Meanwhile, though, the Last Blazer Left Standing has spent the summer killing the game in more ways than one: graduating from college, signing a massive contract extensive and becoming the international face of Adidas footwear. More ...   More
Thursday, August 27, 2015 MATTHEW SINGER

Hear Damian Lillard's DOLLA's Debut Rap Track


The Blazers' offseason has been a flaming disaster, but Damian Lillard's summer has been nothing but [INSERT FLAME EMOJI]. He kept a promise to his mother and graduated from college. He signed a contract extension worth approximately a grillion dollars. He's gone around the world selling Adidas. And now, he appears to be graduating from hosting his weekly 4 Bar Friday competition on Instagram and ...   More
Monday, July 13, 2015 MATTHEW SINGER

Goodnight, LaMarcus: A Guide to Your Changing Trail Blazer Emotions


Over the long, hot weekend, the Portland Trail Blazers evaporated. Wes Matthews declared for the Dallas Mavericks, Robin Lopez signed with the New York Knicks, and LaMarcus Aldridge finally made his cryptic intentions perfectly clear and cast his lot with the sad-ass San Antonio Spurs. Nicolas Batum was already gone. The team didn’t seem to make even a cursory effort to re-sign anyone. Only Damian ...   More
Tuesday, July 7, 2015 CORBIN SMITH

The Blazers Off-Season Report

Who's staying? Who's likely going? What the hell is happening?!?!


Oh, hello there! Welcome to my Blazers Offseason Bungalow, deep in the woods. I like to sit in here with a tall glass of orange juice and consider things that aren't the Portland Trail Blazers. For instance: hummingbirds. They are birds but they share many behaviors with bugs. How exactly did this happen? Are, perhaps, birds and bugs not so dissimilar? If this is the case, how different are we ...   More
Tuesday, May 5, 2015 CORBIN SMITH

Damian Lillard To Graduate From College

Three years after leaving school for the NBA, the Blazers point guard has earned a degree in technical sales from Weber State in Utah.


Just call him Big-Brain Dame.  Three years after leaving Weber State University—the obscure mid-major in Ogden, Utah, that recruited him out of high school—to enter the NBA draft, Damian Lillard is about to become a college graduate. Between elevating the Blazers to championship contention, signing lucrative endorsement deals and appearing in commercials with Nick Cannon and whoever the ...   More
Monday, March 2, 2015 by Matthew Singer

Watch Damian Lillard Prove He's the Best Rapper in the NBA


As avid Blazers fans know, Damian Lillard likes to rap.  That's not unique among NBA players, of course, but #0 takes it a step further. Ever since he came into the league, Lillard has helmed a weekly online rap battle, 4 Bar Friday, in which participants upload short verses to Instagram, with the winner chosen by the point guard himself. At last year's All-Star Weekend in New Orleans, he hosted ...   More
Saturday, February 14, 2015 MATTHEW SINGER

Video: Hustle & Drone x Damian Lillard, "Again & Again"


Well, It was only a matter of time before someone set Damian Lillard's #4BarFriday verses to a beat, and we probably should've guessed Portland synth-pop maestros Hustle and Drone would be the ones to do it. After all, the group's last video was actually shot on the court inside an empty Moda Center.For the uninitiated, since last year Lillard has hosted a weekly Instagram-based rap battle, in ...   More
Thursday, October 9, 2014 MATTHEW SINGER

From the Elbow: The "New" B-Roy?

Damian Lillard shouldn't be compared to heroes of Blazer past. He deserves to stand on his own.

from the elbow

Unless you live under a rock on the moon, you’re aware that on Friday night Damian Lillard hit a monstrous three-pointer as the buzzer sounded on Game 6 of the Blazers’ now completed first round series with the Houston Rockets. It was the kind of shot that turned 20,000 Portlanders into a bunch of screaming, hysterical children. It was the kind of moment that made at least one credentialed ...   More
Monday, May 5, 2014 MIKE ACKER

From the Elbow: Selling Damian Lillard

After a busy All-Star Weekend, the Blazers hope the world now knows Damian Lillard.

from the elbow

In the middle of the second quarter of the Blazers’ gut-wrenching overtime loss to the Pacers in Indiana, ESPN analyst Mike Tirico made a throwaway comment about Damian Lillard.Addressing the national TV audience, Tirico said that if you—NBA viewers outside the Portland metropolitan area—don’t know about Damian Lillard, you will have no choice but to get to know him over the All-Star ...   More
Monday, February 17, 2014 MIKE ACKER

Meet Dr. Goon, Portland's Representative at Damian Lillard's 4 Bar Friday Live Event in New Orleans

Blazers All-Star invites local MC to his All-Star Weekend rap battle.


The NBA calls it an All-Star "break," but Damian Lillard must not have received the memo. This weekend in New Orleans, the Blazers' reigning Rookie of the Year and Slam Magazine cover star is making history—and, most likely, a whole bunch of money for himself and his marketing team—by competing in five events, including both the All-Star and Rising Stars games, the dunk contest, the three-point ...   More
Thursday, February 13, 2014 MATTHEW SINGER


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