Album Review: Hot Victory

Hot Victory (Eolian Empire)

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[CLASHING ROBOTS] This is all a horrible, chemical dream, from the savage drumming to the woozy electronic manipulations. After releasing Triangulum Australe a few years ago, the duo of Caitlin    More
Wednesday, May 14, 2014 DAVE CANTOR

Cut of the Day: "Labyrinthos," Hot Victory

hot victory

Led by the mesmerizing drums of Ben Stoller and Caitlin Love, the atmosphere on “Labyrinthos”—a new track off sample-heavy synth-percussionists Hot Victory's upcoming self-titled second album—is simultaneously calm and chaotic. Synthesizers thrum and smolder, occasionally piercing the cosmic darkness like lasers. Distorted vocal samples crawl out of the murky background, lending a paranoid ...   More
Tuesday, April 8, 2014 SAM CUSUMANO


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