At TechFestNW, Drone Creator Tad McGeer Takes on Myths and the Craft's Future


 “Go get yourself an eye patch and a camera, then walk around for as long as you can take it--I promise it won’t take very long,” Tad McGeer challenged the TechFestNW audience on Saturday afternoon. “See if you can spy on people.”His “test” is a response to the criticism that drones, or unmanned aircraft (UAC’s for short), are predominantly scary surveillance tools used to collect ...   More
Saturday, August 16, 2014 SAMI EDGE


Fly the shit-faced skies.

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Flight is about as subtle as a plane crash. And the plane crash at the beginning of Flight ain’t too subtle, either. At 30,000 feet, a commercial airliner carrying more than 100 passengers desce   More
Wednesday, October 31, 2012 MATTHEW SINGER


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