The Oregonian Confirms It Will Launch Leader in Forest Grove

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The Oregonian confirmed Tuesday it will start a second newspaper in Forest Grove, a Washington County town of 22,000. As WW reported last week, the expansion means war between two of the state's largest media companies. The new weekly paper, called the Forest Grove Leader, will compete with the Forest Grove News-Times—the latest chapter in a decade-long blood feud between The Oregonian and Pamplin ...   More
Wednesday, October 3, 2012 AARON MESH

Murmurs: Media Throwdown in Washington County

When realtors fib and foodies slice the truth.

It’s election season, so you can expect campaigns to be making stuff up. But the Measure 79 campaign is the worst in a long time. The measure would amend the state constitution to ban real-estate    More
Wednesday, September 26, 2012 WW Editorial Staff

The Oregonian, Pamplin Group Are Talking Newspaper War Over Forest Grove


There’s a new media war opening up on an unlikely front in Washington County. The Oregonian is considering launching a paper in Forest Grove, population 22,000. John Schrag, publisher of the Forest Grove News-Times, which broke the story, says it’s a retaliation against the Pamplin Group, which owns the News-Times and announced last month it’s starting a paper in nearby Hillsboro. That’s where ...   More
Tuesday, September 25, 2012 AARON MESH

Adams' Admission Reaction: The View From Forest Grove

Former Willamette Week news editor John Schrag first met Portland Mayor Sam Adams back in 1993, when Schrag was a WW reporter. These days, Schrag, who left WW in 2005, is the editor and publisher of the suburban Forest Grove News-Times. He's also the father of a teen-age daughter, which appears to have influenced the column he wrote today about Adams' recent admission that he had a sexual relationship ...   More
Thursday, February 5, 2009 NIGEL JAQUISS


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