Fat Tire Fight

Mountain bikers and neighbors again face off over forest trails—this time near Forest Park.

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On Christmas Eve, three days after she and her family moved to their home in the hills northwest of Portland, Lindsey Laughlin saw the elk herd. It’s become a ritual. She wakes up at about 6:30 ev   More
Wednesday, July 22, 2015 HART HORNOR

Little Horned Beast Frolics In Forest Park

Nosy the oryx, an African antelope species with serious horns, made a bid for freedom in Forest Park this weekend after he escaped from his home on Skyline Boulevard. Devani Scheidler and her family were hiking down the Wildwood Trail near Newton Road when Scheidler said she heard galloping nearby. She tells WW that the galloping sounded like a horse, until an antelope popped out of the bushes, ...   More
Wednesday, August 5, 2009 Katie Litvin

Forest Park Trees Dying?

A Linfield College environmental studies professor says her research in Forest Park —one of the largest urban parks in America— shows that trees are dying younger and more quickly. Linfield prof Nancy Broshot has data showing, in some areas, a 75 percent death rate over a 10-year period ending in 2003. Broshot selected 24 sites in the 5,100-acre park, each spanning 750 square meters, ...   More
Thursday, May 6, 2010 Ott Tammik

Community Members Blast Forest Park Trail Proposal

Disagreement, anger, and passionate discourse dominated tonight's meeting between Commissioner Nick Fish and the citizen advisory committee assigned to make recommendations on how to accommodate mountain bikers in Forest Park. As some mountain bikers collide with one of Portland's most valued natural environments, community members expressed fears about trail-sharing, safety, and preserving ...   More
Monday, June 14, 2010 Hadley Malcolm


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