State Sen. Frank Morse In Surprise Resignation: Updated


State Sen. Frank Morse (R-Corvallis) surprised colleagues and observers today in an interim legislative session by announcing he is resigning from the seat he has held for 10 years.Morse, the Vice-Chair of the Senate Finance Revenue and Senate Education & Workforce Development Committees, has earned a reputation in the Capitol as a thoughtful moderate, who has advocated strongly for tax reform ...   More
Friday, September 14, 2012 NIGEL JAQUISS

An Oregon Republican's Surprising Take on "Tuition Equity"

Larry George

The most interesting aspect of this week's legislative hearing on Senate Bill 742, the so-called "tuition equity" bill, was not that hundreds of people showed up or that passions ran high on both sides. The underlying issue—whether Oregon's public universities and community colleges should charge undocumented immigrants out-of-state tuition, as they do now, or the much lower in-state figure—gets ...   More
Friday, March 4, 2011 NIGEL JAQUISS

Bill Would Provide In-state Tuition for Undocumented Oregon Students

Undocumented Student

A Democratic and a Republican state legislator have introduced a tuition equity bill that would give in-state college tuition to undocumented Oregon students.Rep. Michael Dembrow (D-Portland) and Sen. Frank Morse (R-Albany), along with the Oregon Student Association and CAUSA, were all present today at the state Capitol to announce the bill, which would apply to all public Oregon universities.Morse ...   More
Monday, February 14, 2011 JESSICA LUTJEMEYER

Kulongoski "Fed Up" With Politics; Wonders Whether Senate D's Have "No Shame"

Gov. Ted Kulongoski has received plenty of sharp elbows during his 40 years in public life, and he's thrown a few himself. But in this video clip below from his recent interview with WW, Kulongoski explains why he's had enough with all that—and why he was largely invisible during the 2010 election cycle. The victim of the negative campaigning he cites is State Sen. Frank Morse (R-Corvallis), ...   More
Saturday, January 8, 2011 NIGEL JAQUISS


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