Pre-Willennium Tension: Men In Black III Reviewed


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We don't know why there's a third Men in Black, but we reviewed it anyway, even though it screened after WW press deadlines.WW Critics Grade: C.Nobody ever gave a shit about the Men in Black. Not the movie—in fact, the original is pretty great, a lean, awesomely ridiculous creature feature in the vein of Ghostbusters. The characters were wonderfully broad, with Will Smith playing the scrappy wiseass ...   More
Friday, May 25, 2012 AP KRYZA

Why So Down in the Mouth, Pardner?: Jonah Hex Reviewed

The Josh Brolin paranormal kinda-Western wasn't screened for critics until tonight, but here's a review. Jonah Hex WW Critic's Score: 28 The closing credits of Jonah Hex will tell you that Michael Shannon, the terrific sneerer from Revolutionary Road and The Runaways, is the fifth-billed actor in the movie. Having sat through the 80 minutes that precede these credits, I will tell you that ...   More
Wednesday, June 16, 2010 AARON MESH


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