Katherine Dunn’s Greatest Hits In Willamette Week

Culture Features
Some of you may have forgotten. Some of you never knew. But Katherine Dunn wrote for Willamette Week for nearly a decade starting in 1981. “All during the time I was working on the Geek,” Dunn tel   More
Wednesday, April 2, 2014 WW Staff

Vote: Is Tom Bissell Really Portland's Best Writer?

bissell at home

Arts & Books
A healthy debate is percolating in response to my profile of Tom Bissell, bandying whether he really is the finest writer in Portland. I contend he is. (Commenter Dan Felder sagely notes that Bissell is a Guggenheim Fellow; he's using the estimated $43,000 prize to finish his apostle-tomb book Bones That Shine Like Fire.) But there are lots of alternatives; as soon as I handed Bissell those laurels, ...   More
Thursday, September 22, 2011 by Aaron Mesh


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