Water Campaign Will Submit 50,000 Signatures on Friday

UPDATE: Campaign delays signature turn-in until Jan. 21


UPDATE, 12:52 pm Friday, Jan. 17: The water district campaign is delaying turning in its signatures until Tuesday, Jan. 21, saying it didn't realize it couldn't submit additional signatures after the first batch."We just found out that no additional signatures will be accepted after we turn in," says co-petitioner Kent Craford, "and we still have some sheets out there. So we're going to wait until ...   More
Friday, January 17, 2014 AARON MESH

Water Rebels Don't Like Charlie Hales Calling Them "Clowns"

Watch video of mayor saying ballot initiative is an "act of political terrorism."


The backers of a ballot initiative to wrest control of Portland's water and sewer bureaus from City Hall have read Mayor Charlie Hales' condemnation of them—and they're furious.In a wide-ranging interview with WW this week, Hales defended his choices from his first year in office, including his decision in June to yell at business executives who were plotting the ballot initiative. “These clowns ...   More
Thursday, November 7, 2013 AARON MESH

Former Water Allies Exchange Fire


The latest ballot initiative attempting to wrangle control of Portland water from City Hall has drawn fire from the backers of the first ballot initiative.The coalition of environmental activists on Monday submitted the new ballot initiative, which would create a "people's water trust" to oversee city decisions on water. They say it's designed to work with or without the first initiative—which was ...   More
Wednesday, October 30, 2013 by Aaron Mesh

Elections Complaint Filed Against Water District Signature-Gathering Campaign


The ballot measure campaign to wrest control of Portland’s water and sewer bureaus away from City Hall is now living under the shadow of Big Chocolate. The Oregon Elections Division has received a complaint that signature gatherers with Portlanders for Water Reform are falsely claiming the petition would stop Nestle Corp. from taking over the city’s water supply. The measure would create an independent, ...   More
Tuesday, October 22, 2013 AARON MESH

Both Sides of Water District Fight Want the Ballot Wording Changed


Turns out people on both sides of a proposed ballot initiative to wrest control of the city's water and sewer bureaus from City Hall can agree on one thing: They don't like how the city has worded its summary of the proposal. They cannot, however, agree on what the ballot should say. So they're going to a county judge.The Oregonian reported this morning that Kent Craford and Floy Jones, the backers ...   More
Tuesday, August 20, 2013 AARON MESH

Water District Campaign Using Mitt Romney's Oregon Fundraiser


Backers of a proposed May 2014 ballot initiative to create a Portland Public Water District are already seeking donations for the political fight to wrest utilities from City Hall. They've contracted the most powerful Republican fundraiser in Oregon, the firm that raised money in the state for Mitt Romney's last two Presidential bids.The Portland Mercury reported last night that it obtained a fundraising ...   More
Friday, July 19, 2013 AARON MESH

Governor's Race: Dudley Campaign Manager Steps Down

GOP gubernatorial candidate Chris Dudley's campaign manager is stepping down. Chris Gulugian-Taylor, a veteran GOP political operative came to Oregon late last year to run Dudley's first foray into electoral politics. But now he is returning to California. "Chris resigned for family reasons," says Dudley's spokeswoman, Brittany Bramell. Dudley's policy director, Kent Craford, a former Gallatin ...   More
Friday, March 12, 2010 NIGEL JAQUISS

Where We Got the Chris Dudley Campaign Emails

In the current print edition of WW, there is a story based on emails between William Schaub, a lawyer advising Republican gubernatorial nominee Chris Dudley's campaign, and various campaign staffers. The emails concern a June 18 press release issued by the Democratic Party of Oregon that raised questions about whether Dudley's campaign was improperly using a non-profit Dudley runs to benefit diabetic ...   More
Wednesday, July 7, 2010 NIGEL JAQUISS


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