Feds Force Oregon to Turn Over Medical Marijuana Records


A federal search warrant forced the state of Oregon to turn over some medical marijuana records, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer is reporting.The state, which administers and keeps all records of medical marijuana users, tries to keep card holders' identities private, the online paper says. Since pot is still illegal federally, medical users are afraid they may face some retribution. But the feds ...   More
Friday, April 12, 2013 ANDREA DAMEWOOD

Medical-Marijuana Activists Up in Arms Over the Proposed Doubling of Fees

Medical Marijuana

Several lawmakers this legislative session have alleged that the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program is being abused. They point to the number of registered patients—39,774 and counting—and have proposed more than 20 bills aimed at reining in the program. But despite complaints about alleged abuse, the proposed budget for the Oregon Health Authority shows that some lawmakers also see the program as ...   More
Friday, June 17, 2011 JAMES PITKIN

Washington County Sheriff's Office Confirms "First" Raid on Medical Marijuana Club

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The Washington County Sheriff's Office has confirmed the news—first reported by WW—that narcotics officers on Wednesday raided a medical-marijuana club in Aloha.A press release (PDF) from the sheriff's office calls the raid the first of its kind in Oregon. Dozens of such establishments have opened statewide despite the defeat of a 2010 ballot measure that would have regulated dispensaries. No arrests ...   More
Thursday, June 16, 2011 JAMES PITKIN

Washington County Deputies Raid Medical Marijuana Club in Aloha


The Washington County Sheriff's Office today raided a medical-marijuana club in Aloha—the first such action since U.S. Attorney Dwight Holton warned earlier this month that establishments selling cannabis "will not be tolerated" in Oregon.A law-enforcement official confirmed that Wake n Bake, a dispensary-style outlet that opened last fall, has been shut down by deputies. A spokesman for the sheriff's ...   More
Wednesday, June 15, 2011 JAMES PITKIN

Weed, the People: How a Cannabis Patient Lost Her Foster Kids

One passage from today's cover story about the business of marijuana in Oregon may have jumped out at you—Kat Cambron, co-owner of Wake n Bake Cannabis Lounge in Aloha, had three foster kids removed from her home last week. Here's a fuller account of how authorities removed those three teenage boys from the home Cambron shares with her husband in Aloha. Cambron and Michael Balter, executive ...   More
Wednesday, January 12, 2011 JAMES PITKIN


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