Oregon Zoo Director and Top Veterinarian Both Out


The Oregon Zoo's director and its chief veterinarian are both out of a job.Regional planning agency Metro, which runs the zoo, announced this afternoon that Oregon Zoo director Kim Smith and chief veterinarian Mitch Finnegan are no longer employed there. General Manager of Metro Visitor Venues Teri Dresler is taking over zoo operations, Metro spokesman Jim Middaugh confirms to WW."It's Metro policy ...   More
Monday, May 5, 2014 by Aaron Mesh

Packy the Elephant "So Depressed" He Won't Communicate With Psychic

"He can't even connect with us," an animal-rights activist says


Packy, the Oregon Zoo's iconic Asian elephant, turns 51 this Sunday. That's a milestone of middle age that could make anybody gloomy.But Packy's blues may go deeper than that.A vocal contingent has argued for years that Packy, the first elephant born in captivity in the modern era, is wildly unhappy. They cite his chronic foot problems and compulsive head-bobbing. When it sought a $125 million bond ...   More
Friday, April 12, 2013 AARON MESH

Seattle Times Reports Elephants Dying Out in Zoos—Especially Babies


Not so fast with the elephant birthday party. Two days after Asian elephant Rose-Tu gave birth to a 300-pound baby girl at the Oregon Zoo—the third elephant born in captivity nationwide this year—The Seattle Times unleashed a devastating two-part investigative series charging that elephants are dying out in zoos, despite a coordinated strategy of aggressive breeding and crisis-management public ...   More
Monday, December 3, 2012 AARON MESH


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